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Halas had his heffalumps (lipomas) removed this morning.  I got to pick him up about an hour ago.  Here are some photos.  They are a little gross.  Between the two of us, we have cornered the market on stitches over the last week.  And we both get our stitches removed on the same day.

This is his right hip.

Left side just in front of the hip.

A couple of attempts at a photo of the one on the right side of his groin area.

And a final one of Halas in his cone of shame.  He doesn't really like to move much at all with it on.  When we got home, I took him to the field behind our condo for a short walk.  Once we got to the grass, he just sat down and wouldn't budge.  It took a few minutes to convince him to walk back in his cone.  This picture kind of shows how he feels about the cone.

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Yes, they really hate the cones.  Usually the shot they get make them rather sleepy and they can take it for a while.  My dog has one right now and he is resting with his cone on a pillow.  He had a dermatological hot spot from scratching poison oak.  He is on antibiotics now and will probably be fine in a couple of days.  The cone, however, just keeps him from licking.  They really seem to work well with incisions.  Both of you will get used to the cone.

I hope your guy feels better soon. Halas is pretty sleepy, but he doesn't seem ready to doze off yet. He wants to keep an eye on me.

oh, poor baby!  When Bodi has his cone, he could not go potty with it on.  We took the cone off for walks and we also had it off when we were in the room with him giving him 100% of our attention.  He appreciated the time with it OFF!  Hope you both heal quickly!

That's what I'm planning. If I'm watching him, I'll take the cone off.

Yes, I agree. That is how we handled Lucy when she had her CCL surgery.  Only when we couldn't watch her.  So sorry to see this.  Think I must have missed the original post.  I've  been in and out a little bit lately.  Feel better soon sweet boy!

He's had these for a while, but the one on his groin has gotten a lot bigger. I had the vet look at them again on Monday. I then debated for a day or 2 about having them removed, and decided to go ahead with it. They got him in right away, so this has all taken place since Monday.

How sad!!!!  Hope he heals fast and soon!!!  you too!

Mine are just from having some moles removed. They aren't too irritating, except that I can't work out. That's annoying.

Oh, Halas, it will get better.  Heal quickly.

Oh this breaks my heart......for both of you!  HUGS...Doodle and Human.

Oh, poor baby!

Oh poor baby!!!!    Sending you both big Doodle hugs!    I'm so sorry Halas AND you are going through this.   : (



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