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Yes, our re-home gorgeous devil, Frankie, is still trying our patience.  Plaster walls, Ethan Allan chair rails, wood door panels, papers, etc.  STOP!  I am so afraid his next victim will be our custom kitchen cabinets...

He is walked 1.4 miles EVERY morning (at a minimum) and once we get tot he beach, romps and swims with Quincy ( angel baby good boy) on the beach, swims, runs, etc for another 15-30 minutes.  Dog heaven.  

Why now? why is he chewing our home apart NOW.....  

He has  chew toys ( just went out and bought another $$$ amount)  the time alone is the same ( 6-8 hours) PLUS we think he did the latest chew of the plaster in the middle of the night... 


2018 UPDATE!  Thank you all for all the terrific advice.  I feel terrible that I never posted a Thank You!  Frankie is now 3 years old and no way near as mellow as Quincy but thankfully, no more destructive chewing.  He is a dedicated  counter surfer, but if he get anything, it's our fault for leaving it. 

I don't think he ever had separation anxiety but rather boredom and pent up energy and maybe some teething.  We fenced off the living room and bedrooms and made sure he had a bully stick in the morning before we left.  I bitter sprayed the chewed spots, too.  We also started taking him to day care once or twice a week and still take them both usually once a week.  Happy to say, it passed. 

Quincy is just such a mellow soul that Frankie threw us off.  He is still the one who wakes my husband and the crack of dawn and sometimes in the middle of the night but he has come a long way. 

And he is so stinkin' handsome! 

Happy Summer to all my Doodle friends!  


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I would add that maybe find a treat that is he absolutely crazy for and only give this treat when he goes in his safe place so he can associate the safe place with a really good treat.

Is there a reason he's not crated any time he's unsupervised? Does he panic in the crate? What kind of chew toys does he have?
Wow lots of good advice for this frustrating issue. Exercise and consistency and containment hopefully are the winning combination. Good luck with this cutie.



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