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Is there a collar that could be used for both the leash walking and behavior? We currently use the Halti for walking and it is doing wonders for us in that regard. We have tried using it in public places as well and we have seen some improvements. However, I believe that it was designed specifically just for walking because there have been a couple of incidents when it came off of her when she pulls back. (Yikes moments for sure). Our girl can be stubborn at times and at 8 months, she seems to have forgotten most of the training she's had before.

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I'm not sure what you mean by 'for walking and behavior?'

For me it's NOT about the equipment but the method you're following for training. The collar doesn't determine what method you're using. The METHOD determines how you use the collar and for what purposes. There are trainers that use the halti or gentle leader in many ways including training behaviors. There are trainers that don't rely on collars at all (except just for the sake of identification). There are trainers that use choke chains one way and others that use them another way.

In my opinion it's best to find a trainer who uses a METHOD of training that is effective and that you're comfortable with and then follow that method for training. The collar is just a thing...can be used effectively or poorly...but by itself it does not training.

My personal soap box about training is that there are few really good "methods" out there. By METHOD I mean a systematic training plan that starts at the beginning, has a middle, and has a goal for the end result. With each step building on the previous steps and progressing to a final result of training. You are most likely to find something like this with a real live trainer who has experience and whose dogs are excellent examples of what you can attain with your dog if you follow their method. But (most) books and advice from a multitude of people rarely offers this. Usually books and internet advice offer a conglomeration of tips, tricks, and techniques for training individual things...but with no real common thread or logical progression of skills that helps a person train their dog fully.
Thanks for the input, Adina. We have in the past used positive reinforcement of the good behaviors and at times had to resort to "corrections" by doing a quick tug on the (flat) collar. Our girl has now learned that is she pulls back, the Halti goes over her mouth and off her neck so we can't use it so much to correct her. It still works when she tries to pull forward when we're walking, though.

I do realize that we would need some more training for her in the near future.
Before you started correcting her...had she had 'lessons' in HOW TO walk on leash? In other words does she know (because she was taught and practiced with) what is expected of her? Where should she walk in reference to you? How near does she need to be? Is there a command or cue word you use to tell her "it's time to walk a certain way?"

The reason I ask is that in my opinion a 'correction' should have something to do with reminding a dog about what 'correct' is...not merely an unpleasant consequence for doing 'wrong'. But if a dog doesn't have a strong understanding of what 'correct' is then a correction isn't as valuable and doesn't help the dog know how to avoid the correction quite as well.
I always used flat buckle collars. A couple things that worked for me: when I give the command to walk ("walk", "heel", whatever), I follow it with "good heel, Webster........good heel" so the dog knows he's being good but isn't released from the command. As soon as the dog walks nicely for just a few steps, I say "okay, go on" and let the leash out. I repeat this sequence until the releases are shorter and the nice walking is longer. I find it keeps the dog paying attention and they realize they can explore on leash once they have permission.



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