Fromm Recall

I thought this one was important enough to put on the main forum. Fromm has a recall on the Four Star Line shredded canned food for elevated levels of Vitamin D. 


Fromm is a popular brand. I feed the Fromm Four Star line, but not the canned. I just wanted to make sure people are aware.

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  •  This actually increases my confidence in the integrity of the company. The recall was entirely voluntarily, the issue was discovered by Fromm itself, the information was made public by the company itself, and there are only 4 canned recipes affected. Clearly, Fromm cares about its customers' health and safety and has acted responsibly.
    From the link:

    There are no other Fromm products affected by this recall. The recall was initiated after we discovered, through our own analysis, that these products may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D.  We have identified and isolated the error, and in addition to our existing safety process, we have put corrective actions into place to prevent this from happening again.

    This voluntary recall is being made with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Consumers who have purchased Fromm Four-Star Shredded Entrée canned dog food are urged to return the product to your retailer. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-325-6331 from Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, Central Time, or may contact

    • Very responsible and transparent of them, I really appreciate their thoroughness.

    • Fromm is still available on for delivery. Don't know about the canned but I have been getting the dry for years.

      • If you don't mind me asking, what flavor are you feeding? I had been feeding, please don't throw anything at me, proplan sensitive stomach and skin for the past year because my doodles were getting horrible ear infections and constantly biting on their feet, it seemed to help, however one night I start reading, come here and switched to Fromm, being born in WI, I was like cool...  and we put them on Beef, within a month I have double ear infections in one doodle, my Dooble doodle started expressing her anal glands, never did that before and had the worst gas and breath of her life, my other poodle mix now has skin bumps, she gets them when she is stressed, not new. It could obviously be the beef but I'm super nervous to change their food again. Suggestions? 

        • It's not necessarily the beef. It could be the formula itself. You switched from a limited ingredient formula to one with lots of ingredients. The grains and the fatty acid content are likely different too. The Purina food is salmon based, and that makes a huge difference with skin issues, even though Purina is not a recommended brand. Which Fromm formula did you switch to? There are several that contain beef. 
          Fromm is a great brand but they do not make a limited ingredient formula, and that's the best thing for dogs with food sensitivities. A limited ingredient salmon based food would be your best bet. 

          • Agreed that a limited ingredient formula might be a good thing to try .  Toby was having trouble with digestive issues and has been doing great on limited ingredient Acana (he's on the lamb or the duck depending on the bag).  Couldn't find the Wellness simple salmon and potato locally but that was on my list should the Acana not work. 

            • Wellness Simple is the absolute best food for dogs with digestive issues or sensitivities, but it's almost impossible to find locally, even here in Illinois. Stores will order it for you, and it's available online from a number of sources, including Chewy, but with all the supply chain and shipping issues happening right now, this would be a bad time for anyone to switch to it, unless they can find a store locally that carries it. 

              • I'll check we do have a private bougie little pet store that may have some on hand. Thank you so much!!!! 

              • I'm going to try it. Thank you!!!

              • It was going to be my last resort but it is possible, the owner of our local pet shop said she'd order it for me since she does a weekly order of canned food from Wellness anyway.  

                Brook - if you have a store that orders wellness cans (but not kibble) that might be an option to explore too.

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