I'm wondering if any of you f2b goldendoodle owner's pups had a puppy coat similar to my girl? She looks more golden as well as her furnishings. I'm wondering if you'll be able to see the doodle in her at all as she ages. Also wondering how hyperallergenic she will be. Thank you in advance! 

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  • Cute! I like her colour. I think she will be pretty curly, her muzzle isn't very long right now but the rest of her body and legs are and there's quit a bit of "scruff" between her eyes.

    As for being hypoallergenic it's impossible to tell just by looking at a dog if they will be hypoallergenic. Dander is caused by the dog's skin, having a non-shedding dog does help but that's not the only thing that matters.

    • Thank you! We have a 4 y/o f1b labradoodle and she doesn't shed at all. My son is allergic to   Most non hypoallergenic dogs but he seems to be great so far with our new girl. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

  • Your pup has plenty of furnishings and does not look like a Golden Retriever at all. Her coat is much curlier. Her eyebrows are the easiest place to see the furnishings right now, but I can see furnsihings on her muzzle as well.
    As far as her being hypOallergenic, that's completely a crap shoot. There is no way to know with any doodle puppy whether or not it will affect anyone's allergies, or whether or not it will shed. As long as there are shedding breeds like Goldens in the mix, you can get a dog who sheds and is not allergy-friendly, regardless of what generation the puppy may be. The Poodle's coat does not automatically cancel out the heavily shedding coats of the Retrievers. And every single one of them is different, even in the same litter. It's a genetic roulette wheel that depends on how much of a certain protein called KNF1 is inherited. And you will not know until your pup is fully grown. Puppies experience coat changes throughout their first year, so a puppy who does not shed or affect your allergies very well might do both as an adult.

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    • Thank you! I posted a pic of our 4 y/o at 4 weeks and I guess I was just comparing the two. My labradoodle doesn't shed and my son, who is allergic otherwise, has no issues at all with either of them so far. Either way, our new girl has a furever home regardless, it'll just be easier if she remains hypoallergenic 🤪 thanks so much for taking the time to respond!

  • Both of your doodles are gorgeous. Your goldendoodle pup will look doodly but whether she will shed or not as an adult or is allergy-friendly is anybody's guess. 

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