By now many of you have listened to The Doodle Kisses Podcast episode featuring a rep from the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA).  I though it might be helpful to discuss in this thread.  What did you learn?  What are you still unsure about?  What questions do you want answered in our follow-up interview?  If we make our questions, concerns, wishes, known (in a mutually respectful way) I am crossing my fingers we can make progress and start to help potential doodle owners raise their standards and in turn (since much in the doodle world is consumer driven) raise the standards of doodle breeding and reduce poor quality doodle breeding.  That's my hope, anyway: education to improve the world of doodles.

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  • I have a question.

    Why don't we see ALD breeders (or any doodle breeders, really) doing any performance activities with their breeding dogs or putting any performance titles on them? Obedience, Rally, Agility, Nosework, Tracking, even Trick Dog titles? Mixed breeds are eligible for every kind of performance sport and title except Conformation. Why aren't these breeders "proving" their dogs by actually doing something with them? 

    Performance titles are proof of a dog's focus, trainability, willingness to please, and good temperament. 

    I mean, you can say a dog has these or those qualities, but if that's true, why not prove it? 

    And especially those breeders who charge an extra fee for keeping the puppy with them longer and "training" them. Where are their credentials? Do their breeding dogs have any Obedience titles? Even just a CGC? 

    Descriptions of lovely "blocky heads" and wonderful temperaments on a website mean nothing. I want you to show me why this particular dog's genes are worth putting back into the gene pool. Carrying for parti coloring is not enough reason, lol. 

    • That VCD title I mentioned in a comment above, for which a dog has to earn championships (not just titles, CHAMPIONSHIPS) in Obedience, Agility, and Tracking?
      There is actually a doodle, I believe an ALD, who has earned a VCD title. 

      If I were going to buy a doodle puppy, I'd look at that breeder and those lines, lol. 


        I found this link. THIS IS NOT MY BREEDER. This is the sort of verbiage that was common among all the breeders that I was looking at. And I took it at face value. Also I went back to look and my breeder was ALCA not ALAA. They have been at it since 2004 and funny thing...I have run into 3 different doodle owners from my breeder on the trails while walking Cooper. All raved about their dogs  

        They also have what they call a guardian program where a discounted intact dog lives with an adoptive family while the breeder retains breeding rights for a number of years. 

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