• Wow...I can say I knew Calla when :) Going to take a look now. How cool!!

  • COOL!!!

  • I guess it's cool but how cool is it if we don't know about it :)
  • Found one of Ned when he was a puppy.  Guess I will be making a purchase.  Thanks for the heads up! Wonder when they decided to do it?

    • :) I guess I should get a commission :)
  • Hmm...I didn't know this either!  How do you feel about it?  I would feel at best unsure if it was my dog!  Looks like what is happening is they are using the images I have uploaded and putting them randomly on products.  I *think* I can fix this so they aren't allowed, but I need to find out how.

    • At first I wasn't sure they were DK products so I was not happy. But now I am Ok with it but certainly they should have your permission.
    • Normally I do not like my privacy invaded and I most definitely wouldn't want someone to 'pretend' one of my furbabies was theirs.  However, I think I'd get a real kick out of seeing one of my dogs on someone's purse when I was out an about.  The photo of Ned is a really, really old one so perhaps that makes it more of a public property?

    • I only wish I could be "outraged" at finding Fudge or Vern on a bag :) 

  • I remember seeing Yogi on Pinterest. That was weird, but on a bag would be even more odd, maybe even a little unsettling. 

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