Girls smarter than Boys?

I have a five year old female goldendoodle, Lola and since we adopted her at 8 weeks old she has been very quick to learn everything. Instantly she could fetch, walk on a leash and then easily trained to sit etc. She just seemed to get it. Last week we adopted our second goldendoodle and he is now ten weeks old and since he will never read this I am going to just come out and say it, HE IS A COMPLETE IDIOT! Now that I see that in print I feel like that's a harsh thing to say but he is really making me crazy.  I can't get him to walk on a leash or do more than chase the ball and then just grab it and lay down and chew on it. When he has to pee there is no looking around to find a fun spot. He will be walking along and without skipping a beat stop pee and then continue on. He freaks out when I try to put him in his crate and he barks loud and constant that I just have to let him out. At night I have him sleeping in bed with me and to give him credit he does wake me up to take him out and has never pee'd my bed. What I am wondering is am I expecting too much or is it a gender thing and he will just take longer to get his hampster on the wheel or do I need to be concerned? Lola my first is my constant companion and best friend and I am really wanting to be able to have this kind of relationship with the new little guy but he is making it so hard.

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  • Were both puppies from the same breeder and did they have the same upbringing prior to coming home? That makes a HUGE difference. Some breeders start their pups on crate training, potty training, sitting, retrieving, etc. Others don't do much other than feed & clean them. It makes a world of difference. 

    There's also always individual differences in puppies, even from the same litter. You may just have gotten very lucky with Lola. Perhaps there were people who purchased her litter mates who were ripping their hair out, lol. 
    Give him some time. He is still very young and he may not have had as much chance to learn as Lola did prior to going home. I don't think this is a sex thing, although I do think females are a tad quicker to housebreak than males. 

    • We could tell right away that Riley had more socialization than Luna in her early weeks.  Not shy about noises or people, obviously already in love with the vacuum does make a big difference.  

      It sounds like new pup has some anxiety and is going to take a little work.  It doesn't sound to me at all like he is not intelligent.  It sounds like he is a young puppy :)


  • Maybe he's just a late bloomer ;-)  

  • Looking back at my post I can see that clearly I was on a rant more than anything. Everything easy of you said makes so much sense. After my little frustrated pity party I went back through my posts from five years ago and I’m so glad I did. I was complaining about the exact same things with Lola as I am Teddy. Also today I was trying to tie my shoes with teddy grabbing them and I had a sort of flashback to the exact frustrating scene five years ago. I think one thing I need to really concentrate on is spending one on one time with Teddy when Lola isn’t included. I think without intending I am favoring her and sort of taking her side. He needs to feel special too and with that alone time things with get better. And hey, at least I waited to put in new carpet until after we got a new puppy and it’s fully trained. 

    • It's so easy to romanticize the past, recalling the best parts and forgetting the hard stuff.   And Teddy might just surprise you with his own set of unique awesome.  Also, not being super smart is not that bad.  My husband always says the best dog is a "dumb golden retriever" -- lol.  I think he means totally devoted and willing to kind of follow along, but won't try to outsmart you.  

  • Same with my two but the people pleaser is a male (Chester). He was a year old when we got his sister (Gypsy). Chester does all the trick but gypsy only does what she want.  Now she is a better behave dog than Chester but when it come to leRning new things. Chester is the man!

    i think it has to do with pack hierarchy. Lol

  • Awww.....he is brand new...and you will set yourself up to fail if you continue to compare him to Lola. We have two dogs. The oldest is a female and she is smarter than all the people in our household. She also has an incredible prey drive, which can make her a very hard dog. However, she is my heart dog and I could not love more. Then along came Vern a year later. Vern is a big, goofy, endearing lovebug, but he is never going to outsmart anyone. Fudge is the brains and Vern is the brawn. Lola is going to help with the new guy. She will teach him by example, but expecting him to be more than he can be won't work. Embrace the differences, give it some time, and have a sense of humor. Fudge and Vern are our last dogs, but if I was younger and got another one, I think I would look for the most undersmart of the group. I think they are easier and usually big time people pleasers. He is just a young pup!


  • My only girl is independent and not as cuddly or as enthused as my past two boys and my current boy puppy. I Love my Girl, but the boys are my preference.  They are mommas boys and take time and training to crate away from us and endure not be attached to our sides.


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