Goldendoodle coat


I'm new here and like many others I'm looking for a little advice. I'm bringing home our first F1B golden doodle next week. Mum is a F1 goldendoodle with a wavy coat and dad is a miniature poodle. 

I'm wondering if anyone could give advice from the photo of our pup at 5.5 weeks what kind of coat he could have and also if you think he will have furnishings? 

Thank you!!!

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  • No coat advice, but he's adorable. 

  •  He looks quite curly to me.  He already has some furnishings visible on his muzzle and his chest/leg hair is pretty wavy so I'd expect him to be curly.  Cute!

  • Thank you all for your replies!! Can't wait to bring him home 😊

  • Your little pup is darling! He will be very doodley! 


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