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I am a member of a Goldendoodle Facebook page called "Goldendoodles of New England" and I am at my wits end!!!

So many posts about grain-free food and DCM. Everyone posting on how they are switching their dog from foods like Zignature to Purina Pro Plan!!

Do I just ignore everything and say "hey, it's not my dog...they can feed their dog whatever they want"???

I know I should LET IT GO but it is just so frustrating!!!

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I ignore the posts in FB groups that are about food. I generally ignore most of what is in those FB dog groups because most of it is ignorant and incorrect. Look at pictures if you like to do that and move on. 
Saying something does no good; they are not interested in facts. You will just get into an argument, lol. 
Someone else who is frustrated with the FB groups' info on this topic started a recent discussion in TFG. Here's a link:

 I throw these conspiracy theorists in the same pile as anti vaxxers and flat earthers.  Lots of stoking each others' fires, little factual information and treating single cases as the rule rather than the exception.

And in this case, the exception is so exceptional as to be almost non-existent, lol. 

Social media sites have exposed the shameful flaws in the American education system to the extent that if you went solely by the dog groups on FB, you could easily believe that 90% of us never made it past the first grade. Reading comprehension is abysmal, and the grasp of basic biological principles is worse.

I mean I don't want to get political here but... the current president just having been voted in speaks volumes to me.

Geography isn't much better, did my teachers' college in upstate NY a half hour drive from the border and SO many people knew next to nothing about Canada.

Oh yes, geography is another one. Everything, really. 
And the political issue is definitely proof of that. 

So sad to see that you did get political.  

I'm with you Christine. No matter which side you are on, I don't want to hear about it in a group designed for happiness that has nothing to do with politics.


I think facebook is okay for some things. I learn about events and sometimes resources I wouldn't know about otherwise. And I probably enjoy looking at other people's dogs more than I should. But I refuse to fight, and mostly don't engage in the ridiculousness. Sometimes I will offer an opinion if solicited. Someone was asking what to feed their dog just yesterday and I threw out a few brands, mentioned the Hills recall and even threw in the dangers of synthetic vitamin K in Purina products. I saw other people recommending the same brands as I did, I also saw others who feed Hills and Purina. In the end people are going to raise their dogs the way they want, much the same way they will raise their children. 

It's the political stuff and the (human) vaccination stuff that makes me insane. If there was some way to keep from seeing that I would be better off. But still, no one changes their mind against their will. I might as well save my breath and my sanity and just ignore and hide things as I see fit. 

I truly appreciate this group and the lack of all political shenanigans. It's the most civil group I've ever encountered even when we disagree about things. It's really the only place in this big interweb that I feel comfortable sharing and stating my opinion without fear of really mean people.


Double Amen!

For the sake of my sanity I have 'unfollowed' some of the FB groups I am in. This way I can stay in the group and pop in when I feel like it, but nothing from it shows in my news feed. 



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