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I am a member of a Goldendoodle Facebook page called "Goldendoodles of New England" and I am at my wits end!!!

So many posts about grain-free food and DCM. Everyone posting on how they are switching their dog from foods like Zignature to Purina Pro Plan!!

Do I just ignore everything and say "hey, it's not my dog...they can feed their dog whatever they want"???

I know I should LET IT GO but it is just so frustrating!!!

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Oh yes I agree.  My old vet recommended hill science for my bichon . Also when I moved her off of Biljac he asked why.  I told him although the breeder I got her from used Biljac and recommended it, I later learned it wasn't a good food. A local business was selling Biljac and I wonder if that vet had connections with it.

Thankfully our current and previous vets just asked what food we were feeding and left it at that.  Their only concern was that Luna and now Riley were at a healthy weight and having no digestive issues.  If a vet started pushing the food they were selling I would switch vets.

Don't worry I switched vets years ago for numerous reasons. I am not judging anyone but Biljac is trash.

I'm sorry but i am new to the doodle/dog world

Is grain in dog food/treats bad or good?

There's no simple answer to that. It's neither good nor bad; it depends on the kind of grain, the rest of the ingredients, and the individual dog. 

But this discussion is really not about grains in food. This is about a very complicated and controversial health issue which has cropped up in the past year, and the misunderstandings and misinformation being shared about it on FB, instigated by the Big Three Dog Food companies. As I said, it's very complicated and there is no easy way to explain it all here. But if you read through the responses here, you will see that it is truly not anything you need to worry about.  



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