Hi there, 

This is my new F1B mini/medium goldendoodle puppy at about 9.5 weeks.  He's now 12 weeks old and almost 10 lbs.  He comes home later this week and we are just so excited! 

I was wondering if anyone knows how many rounds of vaccines he needs before we can take him to the bathroom outisde.  We live in a city so other pups have likely been on the sidewalks/grass areas near our home.  We're hoping to avoid pee-pads and fully potty train outside, but aren't sure if that's acceptible with only 2 rounds of shots. Any advice from city-dwellers would be appreciated! 

We can't wait to meet him! 



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  • Congrats!  Also I'm INTRIGUED that he's not coming home until 12 weeks...very rare with doodles.  Why does your breeder keep them longer than average?

    As for vaccines, it's not so much "how many" rounds, but whether the vaccines "took".  There is a conflict between maternal antibodies and the vaccine.  So if there is "enough" maternal antibodies in a puppy, the vaccine won't take.  That's why they repeat them...just to be safe.  From my reading, most dogs are immune after their 12 week shots...but not all.  I wonder if the pups have been nursing a little extra since they are home longer.  And whether that means they still have high maternal antibodies.  I would ask your vet!  

    I agree on training to go outside rather than indoors.  But wondering if there is any way for you to create a safe area for puppy with astroturf or potty pads outside of your door without getting out where other dogs walk?  I honestly don't know how people train to potty pads because every puppy I've had took forever to potty and had to walk and walk and walk in the yard first.  Do you have a deck or porch?  Maybe an expen around a bunch of potty pads just outside your door?

    • Our sweet breeder held on to him for us - we were just married this weekend and wanted to wait until after the wedding to bring him home.  We hosted the wedding at my in-laws home for 15 guests (thanks, covid) and felt like an at-home wedding and brand new puppy might be a little much.

      Appreciate the recco on creating a safe place - we have a big parking lot so I suspect I can find a corner to lay a pee-pad each time and put him right on that place.  We connect wtih the vet tomorrow so we'll see what they say too. Thanks!

      • Well that is smart of you and all breeders should be willing to hold your puppy a bit longer for such things :-)  Hopefully she also made sure to do some safe socialization outside of her property so he feels safe in new places/new sounds/new sights/new people.  

        I think the tough part is puppies don't like to just stand in one spot, they like to sniff around.  But maybe your breeder can get him accustomed to a pee pad beforehand?  What I did once for a potty stop when we picked up our puppy (we had a 5 hr drive home) was tape a bunch of pee pads to a cheep plastic tablecloth to make one BIG pee pad.  Well, puppy had NO interest in peeing on it and just wanted to go play/run around/sniff the ground/visit.  So he held it for 5 hours until we got home.  

  • Also your puppy is ADORABLE!

  • My Murphy came home trained on pee pads and the transition to outside was easy.  Pee pad in the parking lot is a great idea!

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