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Name of Breeder?
Teri Fann

Location of Breeder?
Brentwood, TN


Breeding Dogs and Puppies live in the home and not in a kennel, out building, garage or outside?
Yes, they live inside. Teri has two properties, one of which is occupied by a guardian family who helps with the maintenance of the puppies.

Was home and property clean and pleasant?
I found her home to be very comfortable, indeed, especially considering how many dogs and people were there at the time.

Where you allowed to view health records and testing for the parent dogs or other dogs owned by the breeder?

Were the dogs well groomed?
On their way to being groomed.

Were the dogs well behaved and obedient?
All the dogs had sweet, loving dispositions. All of them would produce fantastic pups.

Was at least one of the parents on site for the visitation?
There were no fewer than 4 mother dogs there and one future mother.

Why did you choose this breeder?
I originally saw her on the owner recommended breeders on, and I saw that she would have puppies when I wanted a puppy. When I started to converse with her online, every answer she gave led me to feel more relaxed about the purchase. She is an excellent breeder.

Would you buy another dog from this breeder again in the future?
In a heart-beat or less.

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Thank you for posting this, I am getting a puppy from Teri in June!!

On August 9th, I will be picking up my puppy, Maddie from Teri and I can hardly wait!!! I was very impressed with her honesty and helpfulness. She posted every week including videos and telling everyone that was waiting to receive a puppy from her information and the developmental level of the puppies.  I highly recommend Teri of Goldens-n-doodles of TN. 



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