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On July 8 we said goodbye to our precious doodle boy. He was diganoised with Hemangiosarcoma and passed away just 7 weeks later. Quincy was 9 1/2 and for all those years he was my buddy and my best friend. He kept me sane in insane times. He was always by my side and followed me all around the house. In our house it truly was "All About The Doodle". He went everywhere with us and the only two nights he spent away from us was at the Emergency Vet. It was simple really, if the doodle couldn't go, we didn't go. He had his own seat in the van and more than once someone literally had to take a back seat to the dog. He would grudgingly share the seat with a special person but he'd give you the stink eye while he did. He was never 'just a dog', he was a cherished member of our family and his loss has wounded us deeply. He loved hiking with his mom, he would chase a ball until he dropped, he loving swimming and one of his favorite things to do was to bury his ball in the snow and dig it out over and over. We lost a lot of balls that way. He was an attention hound and would act like a naughty toddler if we had company and no one was paying him any attention. The fact that many of my throw pillows are missing their corners will attest to that. He was a creature of habit and had us well trained. Every night he had to have his special treat and a little peanut butter in his Kong. He was relentless in his efforts to get said treats, first he would sit in front of you and stare, then he would put one paw on your leg, if that didn't work he would put two paws on your leg and stare. Once he'd gotten his treats he went right to sleep and an earthquake wouldn't have budged him.

He always let me hug him and if I didn't hug tight enough he would nudge me until I did. Most dogs don't like to be hugged, he was the exception but only for his Mom and Dad. He always made people smile just to see him. When he was younger, before doodles became more numerous folks driving down the street would be pointing and smiling. He was gentle and tolerant even when he was being chased by a toddler or was being used as a doll bed. He did give someone a black eye once but there was a ball involved and it was an accident. Was he perfect? No, but he was perfect for us and we loved him beyond reason. He was an eighty pound lap dog with no regard for personal space. Anywhere he could perch be it on your feet, leg or even your shoulder worked just fine for him.

Quincy died at home in his Mom's arms after a day spent at the beach and wading in the ocean. While we knew that he could die at anytime we let him do all his favorite things. Our activities became a little less intense and our walks became his walks entirely. If he wanted to stop to sniff every bush, rock and twig that's what we did.

The house is so empty and quiet without him and sometimes if I listen really hard I can almost hear those paws clicking across the floor. The back door still has his nose prints and I can't quite bring myself to clean them off just yet. My non-shedding doodle shed quite a bit and every day I am still picking white doggy fur off of something. I used to grumble about all the fur but at the same time if I had to clean it up with a shovel it would have been worth it. These day when I find a stray bit of his fur on my clothes or hiding under the furniture I sometime pick it up with tears but more ofter with a smile.

Quincy added so much to our lives, laughter, joy, love and friends. When Quincy was 9 months old I joined a site called Doodle Kisses and thanks to that site I learned so much but the most valuable thing was the wonderful friends we gained. Friends who bonded online over their love of doodles, photography and their willingness to help doodles or friends in need. Some of those friends went from being names on a screen to real life friends in my backyard. We've had a lot of fun over the years, shared lots of laughs and sometimes tears. Actually I think of it as more than a group of doodle friends I think of them as doodle family. Thank you my friends for the lovely notes and thoughts, for the phone calls, gifts and mostly for sharing my happiness in my doodle and my sadness at his loss.

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Your tribute is beautiful.  We are all so fortunate to have these wonderful creatures in our lives.  I still have 3 other dogs (non-doodles) but I miss most the lean that I got from my Jack.

Donna - Sorry to read about Quincy's passing.  I am on infrequently now.  Quincy was special.




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