Good to Be Back...

I missed my DK family!!  We have had a very busy summer but with school around the corner, things have slowed down a bit.  Dougie is getting bigger by the day--he weighed in at 30 lbs at 4 mos. old--he will be 5 mos. old soon (time is flying by).  He stayed with a pet sitter for a week while we vacationed in Outer Banks, NC and I missed him like crazy but the sitter sent photos and updates daily.  I was afraid that he would not want to come home...he had that much fun :).  We are also gearing up for a move to DE so if you know anyone looking to move to Bucks County, PA, please send them my may for the MLS number for our listing, LOL!!!

Dougie says that he is happy to be back on DK and he is enjoying catching up with all of you--ESPECIALLY THE PHOTO SUBMISSIONS FOR THE CALENDAR.  Love, Love, Love them all.

Here is the latest photo of Mr. Dougie--he had his first hair cut TODAY!!!  


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  • He is getting so big - and beautiful!  Wishing you a quick sale and a smooth move.

    • Thanks Nancy :)

  • Wow, can he be 5 months old already. He is a handsome little guy.

    • Thx Donna.  Oops, he will be 5 mos old on Sept. 10, not tomorrow.  I am getting a little ahead of myself, LOL!!

  • Moving is not my favorite!  Dougie is getting so grown up and even more adorable!  Looking more like Quincy LOL.  Glad to have you back in DK action.  

    • Thx Lori.  And, yes, moving is a PAIN!!  We have a few showings this weekend.  I am hoping for the best.  Hugs to you and Quincy.

  • Welcome back! Dougie is just beautiful, and you can join the heavyweights group because odds are he's going to be at least 65 lbs, lol! 

    Good luck with the the sale and the move! 

    • Thx Karen.  I would love it if Dougie grew to be a heavyweight.  I most definitely think that he will be bigger than anticipated...50lbs.

  • I was wondering where you were!  Missed you!  Dougie is beautiful!  He looks like my Zak except his eyes look green - are they???  Hope everything works out with your move!  Doodle hugs!!!

    • We missed you guys too.  Dougie's eyes are green indoors and hazel when out in the sun.  I guess it depends on whether or not his pupils are dilated.  Now with his haircut, you can ACTUALLY see his eyes :)

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