W have been searching for something "chewable" for Toby that is SAFE. He needs something to help occupy his time for short periods at a time, he is always supervised, never left  unattended with anything. He can't have antlers or bully sticks. We have tried the himalyan chews, but can't have those, either. We have had 2 pet stores highly recommend these wood chews. Both stores told us these are completely safe, safer than nylabones, which we also don't give Toby. They said as they chew on them and get wet they get softer and can not splinter. Hmmm, I don't know if this is a good idea to use these. We have been freezing kongs with plain yogurt and banana mixed in. He loves that, but is getting bored with it. Since his surgery he is bored out of his mind and we need something for him to chew on. He is a super power chewer so we don't want anything he can break a tooth on or swallow pieces.  We also have the green everlasting ball which we put pieces of treats in but he is also becoming bored with that. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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  • There is a non-edible Nylabone that is completely safe; so safe, in fact, that it is the only chew that Jack's internal medicine specialist will recommend, and he has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. But you have to make sure you only buy this one: 


    • So no peanut butter, only the non flavored one?

    • Hi Karen.     The Dura Chew doesn't "splinter" like the Nyla Bone?     I'm going out tonite to pick this up if so!

    • We have tried the Dura Chews because it does say for "powerful" chewers, we bought the biggest one's we could get,  in less than a week it had to be thrown away, he had it worn right down to where he could bite pieces off...I am not sure if it was this exact one, but I will definitely give this one another try and keep a close eye on him with it.

  • Following this thread with interest. Our Beckett is on an elimination diet for possible allergies so no more bully sticks. And only thing we can stuff King with is canned food of the formula we are feeding. I've wondered about these chews, too. What about Benebone? We have one of those and he chews it almost daily.
    • We did look at the Benebone, they told us if he is a power chewer and bites down on stuff, rather than "knaws" on it, it was not a good idea. They said the "wood chews' would be better because they "soften as they chew".  That is a problem with the chews for us....he doesn't like to knaw on them, he just likes to bite on them until they break....he already has 1 broken tooth, and I don't want to risk this happening again... I have been in several different pet stores, for months,  trying to find the right chew toy for him...he is not a patient chewer, when he chews he is out to destroy it as quickly as possible...  ((sigh))

  • Normally she doesn't, but some of the edible chews give her diarrhea. I gave her one reccommended from the store where I get her Orijen and it gave her gray diarrhea. Luckily she was back to normal the next day.

  • Next time I am out I will pick up this Dura Chew and try it.... something has to work for him because he really does need to chew on something...thanks!

  • Toby can also be destructive, he requires a lot of daily exercise. I think the Benebone would be good for dogs that can "knaw" on it, but Toby likes to bite on things and the pet stores agreed he would be at higher risk of breaking another tooth.. 

    • I am going to add to this thread just as an FYI.......My 5 year old ALD had surgery 1.5 weeks ago to extract one of his upper back molars which he fractured from chewing either an Antler, Benebone, or a Beef Marrow Bone.  This was major surgery and he has stitches which will dissolve shortly. Oliver has been on a soft food only diet and up until today has not been able to play with any toys or his sister, Ivy.  Oh and the surgery cost $1000.00.  My Vet and the Veterinarian Dentist that I saw both told me that "anything that does not bend or soften when chewed" can break or fracture teeth. From now on, I am following their advice  :)

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