Got Epilepsy Questions?

Next week, I will be interviewing a veterinarian who specializes in epilepsy. Got questions you want me to ask? Please comment here!

(And please consider donating to our podcast fund so we can continue to find awesome guests and publish the interviews on our podcast!)  We are waiting on two episodes to get processed/produced right now:


1) Interview with a vet behaviorist, viewable here for all logged in members:


2) A surprise interview with a DK member and former breeder whose name I won't mention and will only be available on our podcast.  


In the meantime, please respond with your question seizure disorder/epilepsy below!

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  • Adina, you should send notice of this to the Seizure Disorder group; that's been separated from the Health Group and that's where the members whose dogs have epilepsy would be.

    • I think I meant to and combined them in my mind.  I'll do that! Oh wait, you took care of it...!


  • I was able to send a message with this link to the Seizure Disorder group. 

  • Can flea medications cause seizures? Why do some dogs get very few random seizures and when is it time to treat seizures with medication? 

  • My labradoodle started having seizures at 1 yr old. It was infrequent. But at about 2yr olds, he started having clusters at which time, he started taking seizure medication. He is almost 7 yr old and now taking 3x60 mg of pheno, 2x750 mg ER levetiracetam, and 1.25x500mg of KBR. He weighs about 50 lb. He is having seizure every 2-3 weeks. Seizure lasts less than a minutes and recovery time is about an hour. Is there anything more we can do to reduce his seizure?

    • Our goldendoodle is similar. Seizures started about 1 yr old and occur every 6-8 weeks. Used to just be one mild seizure at a time but over the years they have increased to clusters. Also she loses body function and is unable to walk for about 15 min afterwards. Our regular vet and a neurologist both say that this is still considered pretty infrequent and they don’t recommend doing much more other than her pheno was upped recently from 65mg to 80mg. So now she’s on 2x80mg of pheno along with Purina Neurocare food and CBD oil drops. Would you agree her level and frequency of seizures is still considered relatively mild? Regardless they are scary every time!

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