• Are there any suggestions for someone who wants to start grooming their own doodle? Right equipment? Right technique? Is it a terrible idea? 

  • What is the best way to hold paws for nail trimming? My doodle struggles a bit and she is big and strong and it ends up being a way longer process than it should be.

    I like to keep my dog's hair longer (3-4") but scissor cutting is quite tedious.  Is there any hope for using clippers instead or is it impossible because I like her hair long?

  • I have a pup who is still intact and for whatever reason have had 2 groomers decide to shave this area to the skin, even though I explicitly asked them to scissor in that area and on the inside of his leg. We are still searching for a new groomer after our perfect one moved ☹

    Is there anything I can do to help prevent razor burn? Or at least something to alleviate it after it's happened, besides preventing him from licking? Both times have progressed to needing antibiotics within 48 hours for an infection despite my best efforts. 



    Alyssa and Theo 

    • There's a powder you can get from your vet, Neo-Predef, that you can apply to an area that has razor burn to prevent it from becoming infected. There may be some newer or different products now too, it's been a long time since I needed it. But it worked great when my last Poodle had razor burn from the groomer. 

    • I'm finding that with the exception of my perfect groomer who also moved, most groomers just don't scissor much if at all. This won't help the current problem, but could you ask them to use a longer comb on that area for next time? I don't know why they insist on shaving the lower abdomen and inside the thighs. My groomer does it too, and I don't love it. I don't think that area is matted at all, it just seems to be what they do.

      • I think this is probably why I will always just groom my own dogs.  I just cut everyone's hair in the house, that way I have no one to blame but myself if it ends up funny looking :p  

        In these groomers' defense Riley's tummy hair, as sparse as it is, still mats and I have to cut them off. 

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