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Anytime you have questions about how to do things on -- there are THREE excellent ways to learn!

1) the first way works great if you are a visual and auditory learner. It involves visiting our FAQ page where we have several videos to instruct you on everything from how to use the discussion forum to how to insert pictures into comments! However, this will only work well for you if you have a high speed Internet connection because videos take a lot of bandwidth.

2) the second way is also an excellent option. This involves starting a discussion in the forum and asking your question
. Why not just ask me? A couple of reasons: A) I'm not always on my computer... Despite appearances ;-)
So asking in the forum allows you to get a faster response in case somebody else who is online knows the answer! And B) by asking in the forum you allow others to learn from your questions... And believe me many people have the same questions as you that may be more shy in asking! In this way we can create an excellent database of FAQ questions and answers in written form.

3) the third way involves looking through the forum and doing a search for keywords involved in your question. When you go to our Forum page underneath the title "Discussion Forum" and to the right of the search function you'll see that you can sort discussions... And farther right you see the word "View" next to a drop down menu. If you click on the drop down menu you will see that you can view discussions either as discussions or within categories. Click on view categories. One of those categories is called "How To Questions about..." - in that section you can find how to questions and their answers. Now I only added this category recently so there won't be many questions in there.... Anytime you start a discussion to get your "how to" question answered, all you have to do is make sure you select the "How To Questions about..." so that it is categorized in the correct place--and then others can look there to find answers in the future.

To summarize, remember we have excellent solutions already written or as videos--please search there before asking a question. If you don't find what you're looking for, then your first step is to start a discussion and ask your question. If your question is very personal feel free to ask me... But otherwise you'd be surprised at how many members can help you!

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i need help to change the gender of my dog from Male to Female i listed by mistake 

Well the gender info is for you not your dog, so I would not change that or others will be confused about your gender.

I thought there was a page where people can rate you and leave statements about you as a breeder.  I cannot find it anymore.  Thanks  jaynie

How can I delete a post?

Where do I find my Doodle Kisses profile number?

I still don't know how to upload pictures to the slide show. Or what the weekly theme is and when I can find out about it.

I received an email that I find offensive.  I believe if this person had a legitimate question they would have asked it in the email and not request me contacting them.  Please let me know if there is somewhere I should report this.

Thank you,

Debbie McNulty


I have received several creepy emails from people who found my email address in your site. Please remove all my contact info, or tell me how to remove it . Thanks

I am having difficulty downloading pics for comments before I submit them for the 2017 calendar.  The attachment shows up, I click on it and it takes me back to my original desktop to choose it again.  It doesn't open up on the doodlekisses site.

I would appreciate any help re: how to show a pic for comments before submitting to calendar.  

 Thank you,

Deb Sayles

How do I unsubscribe from a group?

If you go into the group home page, on the right hand side of the page near the top (above members), there is an icon that says "Leave Group" - just click on it and go from there I'd imagine.  I haven't done it.



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