My almost 3 year old mini LD has the sniffles!! She is sneezing a lot and her nose is running. Otherwise, she has no other symptoms except that she is a bit quieter than usual. Almost-a-vet daughter says that since she is healthy otherwise and should recover on her own. Anyone else ever experience this?

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  • Yes - Peri went through this in the fall. We probably got way too worried about it and took her in. Vet told us to give benedryl (it is safe to give - but ask your vet for amounts). We also got an antihystamine (spelling?) that really helped her. It was the leaves in our case. We noticed that she would sneeze like crazy after a hike in the woods.
    She doesn't have any issues now. Keep an eye on your girl and try benedryl first (it really helped Peri). If her mood changes, take her in. We finally took Peri in because she moped around and was calm (not right for a puppy). Turned out she had a small fever - but vet didn't worry.
  • Sounds like Allyson gave you great advice. Just stopped in to say, YES, I have had dogs that get a mild cold from time to time. Too bad chicken soup is not on the menu. :) Hope she feels better soon.
  • I know the canine flu is circulating....but usually a normal recovery just like humans! I haven't experienced any of this. Wishing a speedy recovery and a clear sniffer!
  • Callie has the same sniffly/drip thing, with occasional wheezing thrown in. Pretty much the only time she doesn't have it is during the hottest days of summer. Vet also recommended regular old benadryl (Callie is 40lbs and takes one regular capsule). I generally give her one every couple of days and it normals her out. I don't use a decongestant (they seem to weird her out and make me wonder if she's hallucinating) so her nose still does run, but she sneezes less.
  • We have not experienced this with our 3 year old but have had our challenges with skin allergies for which the vet prescribed Benadryl at first. I have read here that others have had success with Benadryl for their dogs, but we have not. It did not help her allergies and did not seem to have any effect at all. (She's 50 lbs and we were giving her 50 mgs.) The vet had to take another course of action for her allergies. So, if her sniffles persist (even if the doc prescribes Benadryl) keep bugging the doc...she may need something else.

    Good luck and keep us posted! How lucky you are to have an "almost-vet-daughter"! :-)
    • There are lots of antihistamines that work better for canine allergies than Benadryl. Claritin works best for Jack, and Atarax has worked for others. But the sniffles are not an allergy symptom in dogs, like they are in people. As you know, the symptoms of "hay-fever" or inhalant-type allergies in dogs are itching and skin-related.
      • Thanks everyone! A bit of benadryl every 4-6 hours has really helped Mattie! She is much better today!
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