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I'm going to try embedding a video from YouTube here. Fingers crossed, it'll work. This is me with Sidiqi. I bought a Walky Dog, which is a dog bike leash. From the first time I hooked him up, he loved it. Things get a little hairy when he sees a squirrel, but so far he hasn't been able to pull me off the road. He really does love it. Sometimes, my husband gets ahead of us, and Sidiqi just pours on the energy. He likes to be in the lead! I don't even have to peddle. He just pulls me along like a sled dog. It is too funny!

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I had seen a similar device, and I think this would be a great way for me to exercise Jackdoodle (although it couldn't be used here in the winter)....but I'm afraid he'd pull me over. What does Sidiqi weigh?
See, I think two dogs would be ideal, one on each side. But then, if I had two dogs Jack's size, I could just have them pull me in a little cart!
Karen, your Jackdoodle is too gentle to pull you over. He is a real gentle...doodle!
You never saw him go ballistic when he meets a certain dog he dislikes on the street; 85 pounds of doodle going airborne with me on the other end of the leash is not a pretty sight!
I don't think I would like to see that...
I like the cart idea, I guess joy of schnoodle fame has perfected that.
How I envy Joy...both the cart and the dogs.
My daughter has a lab and uses this with him! She is not the most coordinated person in the world so if she can do it and not fall over, I would be willing to be you and Jack would have no trouble.
My DIL has one that she has used for our dogs and even their 120 pound doberman. She usually uses it for her Whippets.
Nancy, you know me too the encyclopedia, under "not the most coordinated person in the world", guess whose picture should be there?
I may try it though. The first issue would be to get a bike. I have until April for that.
My daughter's bike is a vintage 70's Schwinn 10-speed. Truly, if she can do this with her lab - who is an extremely exhuberant strong dog, you can. If it was just my DIL I wouldn't say anything. She is the most athletic, coordinated person I have ever met male or female.
That is very cool! Thanks for sharing. I would love to try this. I am afraid I wouldn't have very much leash control, though. Our 3 year old ALD weighs about 50 lbs and pulls hard when she sees squirrels, crows, deer, basically anything that's not a person....when she sees one of those she lays down in the street for a belly rub! :-) I'm afraid I'd end up bush-whacking through the woods on my bike. That would make an interesting story to tell the ER doc. :-)

I love this idea!!! When I started leash/biking w/ my labs, I held a leash loosely and did it on the sidewalk. Then if they started to pull ahead I would say, NO, and stop the bike. They didn't like that at all and got the hang of it in no time. Once or twice I even let loose of the leash (if they started chasing). They would act all flummoxed and come right back to me. I even acted hurt once and that really did it. One pit bull owner stole my bike once, though, while we were in the park closeby checking out the creek!! I was so mad I went to his house (it was in the driveway) and stole it back!!! His huge pit was in an enclosed cage, so I wasn't brave, just mad!! Some people!!



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