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Teddy (my 3 year old Toy Doodle) has been using Greenies for over a year now (the 15-25 pound size, even though he is 14 pounds).  Along with his Earth Animal chews and the Hunders Crunch Plato Fish Cubes (since discountinued, unfortunately), his tartar/gingevitis not only stopped as per a few vet visits but actually went DOWN and receeded on the last vet visit.

So I've been hesitant to change his routine, but because of some of the posts here I wanted to try the Whimzees Dental chews and the Blue Buffalo Dental Bones.  Teddy seems to like the latter, but the former is laying around his pillow bed (at least last I checked).  Maybe he'll eat it if he gets really hungry.

Anybody got any thoughts on the merits of these 3 teeth-cleaners ?

Also, if I default to the Greenies at night, would you think it is OK to occasionally give him one or the other during the day ?  I don't want to over-abrasive his teeth.

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We have lots of discussions about Whimzees in The Food Group. 

My Jasper loves them. 
I do not recommend Blue Buffalo products; Greenies are made by Mars, and I personally wouldn't give my dog anything made by Mars, but if that's what works for you, so be it. 
Your best bet to keep teeth clean and tartar free is always to brush the teeth. Small Poodles are notorious for having bad teeth. 

Thanks Karen....yeah, the problem is Teddy is so tough to handle.  I can't even get him to hold still to clean his paws in the winter.  Would probably take me 2 hours to brush his teeth !!!

So you don't give your dog(s) any dental chew items ?

Those are training issues. He's a small dog, lol. He needs to learn that you are allowed to do anything to him, and he must cooperate. :) Dog forbid he ever has a major health issue, where his life depends on his allowing you to do what is needed. 
Yes, I give Jasper Whimzees, the small sticks and toothbrushes. 
I also believe that any kind of chew object helps to keep their teeth clean. 

I put Riley into a headlock to brush her teeth me it isnt easy, she is definitely stronger than I am.    She doesn't really mind the brushing necessarily she is just trying to eat the brush.  What helped me is I use a human toothbrush I find it easier to grip than the doggie ones.  For a mini a child's toothbrush would work.  The doggie toothbrush we had was flimsy and awkward.

With any grooming task consistency is key.  Get them used to it and do it regularly, don't let them scare you off but don't push too hard either.  For example when I'm brushing Riley I don't stop right when she tells me to stop, I wait until a calm moment so it's ME making the decision to end the grooming session, not her, if that makes sense.  I keep it short and do at least one session a day.

Excellent advice.
I was also told by my vet that you mainly want to get the outer surfaces of the teeth, that's where the tartar usually becomes a problem; the inner surfaces are constantly bathed in saliva and don't usually require as much attention. So if brushing is a struggle, focus on only doing the outer surfaces. 

I find it a lot easier to brush my mini doodle's teeth with a 1 1/2 inch long rubber toothbrush that fits over my finger.  I acclimated her to the brush initially by putting just a tiny swish of peanut butter on it and making a game of putting it in her mouth, then I switched to CET chicken flavored doggy toothpaste that she likes. It has turned into a nice bonding experience rather than a battle. I don't know if this method would be as effective with a larger doodle, but with little mini teeth like ours, it works fine.

With Riley this wouldn't work, she is trying to chew the toothbrush and she would accidentally gnaw on my finger :p depends on how cooperative your doodle is. 

My go to chew item is an Antlerz.  They are shed real deer antlers.  I will have to try the Whimzees dental chews, never heard of them before.  I do not leave their chew items down for my dogs as I like to use them when either they are just antsy or I need a break.  I also like to check the chews before and after to make sure they don't have any dangerous loose bits or very sharp pieces.

With the Whimzees and similar dental chews, they will usually consume them fairly quickly. They don't last long. 

Those Earth Animal chews I learned about from you, Karen, are great....along with the other items I listed above, they stopped and then reversed Teddy's plaque problem.

I recommend the Earth Animal sticks to everybody.  They now have 6 flavors, too.

The sticks last about 10 minutes (for Teddy), much longer than a dental chew.  And if you don't mind the extra cost and/or have a bigger dog, the larger-sized logs will last much much longer than the thinner smaller sticks.



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