Looking for any shared experiences or guidance on food. Yogi has had difficulty urinating for the past couple of weeks. He’s had antibiotics, a couple X-rays looking for stones that may be blocking his ability to pee, and a urinalysis that came back negative.

We had to take him into an ER early this morning because he had totally stopped being able to pee.  They did an ultrasound and found a LOT of grit in his bladder. Said it looked like a snow globe. 

Going to start out on a different antibiotic, and a different non steroidal medicine.  Also wants me to put him on a Royal Canin Urinary SO medicine to reduce “slug”. Of course I am reluctant to use RC, but need to change something.

He has been on Acana Wild Atlantic for past year or so.  Switched to a Zignature turkey formula a couple bags ago.  Sounds like kibble could be contributing factor...

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  • The one thing I don't mess with regarding food recommendations is kidney/bladder stuff. Depending on the issue, sometimes you do need Rx food in these cases, not for the ingredients but for the mineral balance.

    However, I think you need more information. Whatever that is in his bladder, it's not "grit". It may be silica stones, or something else, but your vet needs to know for sure in order to treat it properly. 
    I have had horrendous experiences with ER vets and would never rely on them for a diagnosis. My experience has been that they are the absolute bottom of the veterinary barrel.  In an emergency you may have no choice, but always follow up with your regular vet. I suggest you do that ASAP. 

    • I expressed some concern with the RC. The vet said there is a website that will give me a recipe for homemade kibble that excludes things like magnesium and calcium. It’s called Balance-it. Ever heard of it?

  • Thanks!  They are going to let me know what the stones consist of. Seeing my regular vet in the morning.

    Would you recommend the homemade over RC if Balance it gets me a recipe I can follow?

    • Yes, I would recommend the homemade food over the Rx food, but...if this is the same diet service I was told about when JD was diagnosed with IBD, be prepared for sticker shock. You pay a hefty price for the initial consultation and the formulation of the recipe. Their nutritionists are top-notch, and their pricing reflects that. But this may be a new system of doing things, so it's definitely worth looking into it.

  • No knowledge to share, but sending hugs to you and Yogi. 

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