Hiya  I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone else has a double doodle with a long coat like ours . He is 12 months now and I think the Adult coat is coming through the puppy cost so in places especially around his collar and back its getting quite thick and clumpy . it's not actually Matt's as when you come them they come out but as soon as he lies down they are back again it's like the fur clumps together ..We do brush him daily and trim around his eyes and feet but have not cut his fur it doesn't come out unless brushed then we get quite a lot clming out. The top of him is quite dry and frizzy and I would like to trim it any advise would be appreciated 

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  • Sounds like he is blowing his puppy coat for sure, you'll have to comb all that puppy fur out.  Most brushes won't do it, you'll have to use a comb and get right down to the skin otherwise he could get matted all over and need to be shaved down.

    You could also just take him for his first grooming and have them do it but they may end up shaving him short if he is matted.

  • I agree.  This is a lot to keep up with during the coat change.  You MUST use a fine tooth comb and get all the way to the skin pretty much every single day during this time.  You have to pay attention to those spots around the collar area, under the ears and chin, neck, the armpits, the fine hairs on the belly.  All these places mat really badly.  I would go to a groomer and let them look at him and make sure you are getting the mats out.  Many times new owners don't even realize they aren't getting all the way down.  Watch some videos on line about line brushing.  It helps you see what you need to do.  Also, they can use a guard and keep him fairly long if he isn't matted.  It would be good to cut some of the drier coat off anyway.  He is adorable, and he will still be adorable after a haircut.  The first one is the hardest.


    • Pin mats are the worst!  They are so hard to get out and often tricky to find, especially with a dark coat like Riley has.  I usually feel them but then I have a hard time actually seeing them.

    • Thank you , I have been watching some line  brushing videos today and we had a slicker comb and a metal one so I did exactly that and he feels better already . I think our main problem at the moment is all the rain we are getting.  He doesn't mind it and so when goes out to the toilet he doesnt rush then comes in damp and lies down making his fur stick together I think we will need to make sure we dry him off properly after every trip out side . We did take him to a groomer a couple of months ago and she said he was fine and we had been doing a great job and she didnt do anything to him but it was summer then and possibly wasnt getting his adult coat  at that time so will take him again 

      • Oh yes, if Riley gets wet it can cause a ton of mats.  She also loves the rain and would stand out there all day in the rain haha... even in a thunderstorm.

        Your doodle's coat looks super thick like Riley's too - does he have an undercoat?  If he has an undercoat you may want to rake it out with an undercoat rake.  It helps thin out the dense, short hairs underneath and helps prevent mats.  Very important to make sure he actually has an undercoat before using one though otherwise you'll just end up ripping hair out.  Undercoat rake is supposed to just snag loose hairs.

        • Riley is adorable,  it's so confusing all the differant types of coats we thought he was double coated as was so thick but the vet and groomer say its single coated . 

  • Gosh, I think I deleted my first reply. It does sound like his coat is changing. It gets worse before it gets better but it sounds like you are working hard to keep in top of it. You don't have to cut him radically shorter but you might want to go a little bit shorter while this is going on. It's really important to get all the way to the skin. If you watched the videos on line brushing and did it, you are doing great! Kudos! He is gorgeous. 

    • Thank you , wow look at all your gorgeous Doodles ! yes I have had another good go again today and he is even sleeping while I am doing it . And I did get the courage to trim some of his dry ends 

  • Sounds like you are doing a great job.  I'm going to just put this out there as well.  With my first two doodles, Lucy started mating at around 8 months and we took her for her first haircut.  However, Sophie was never a matting problem and I loved her wavey coat and I never took her for a cut because I loved it.  Finally around 2 years I took her in with a list of pictures and photos about 4 pages long as I didn't want her saved or cut short, just a little trim.  When I picked her up, on the way home she was itching so badly that she made herself bleed.  I had requested a medicated shampoo but know they didn't use it as I wasn't charged.  At that point I set myself up to do my own grooming.  When I got up the nerve to take the clippers through her, I was hooked.  I couldn't stop.  I loved the coat underneath so much.  Basically I just sort of cut off the tired, dry ends.  The fuzzy parts of her puppy coat.  She looked amazing.  She was still really long, just looked so much better.  If I can find some pics, I'll come back and post them.

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