Hi, We like Oliver's fur just the way it is.  
Left un trimmed, (combed for preventing mats--don't worry) how long do you think the fur on a curley to wavy Labradoodle get?  Oliver is a five month old F1b. Thanks very much, Monica

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  • If he has a non-shedding coat, it's going to grow forever, just like human hair. It doesn't get to a certain length and stop, lol. And you're going to have to trim it, because no amount of combing or brushing is going to keep it from matting when it's 10 inches long. :) 

    • Thanks (again!) Karen.
      Oliver is non shedding.

      I like the look of your profile pic, Jack(?) Natural,  not fussy.

      How do you care for his coat?

      • I lost Jack back in 2017. But he was a heavy shedder, so caring for his coat was a snap. No curls, thin and wispy, but no matts or tangles, either. And no haircuts, except a little trimming around the face. 10 minutes of brushing once a week, mostly to get out the loose hair. Basically wash & wear. The shedding dogs' coats only get so long and then fall out, like Golden Retrievers. With doodles, you're either going to have shedding, or high maintenance grooming. And some unfortunate people end up with doodles who matt AND shed, which is the worst of both worlds, lol.

        • That's Riley! Haha.  If she were curlier it would be soooo much worse though.

          She has the soft, downy matting/shedding undercoat (I think it mats because it gets caught in her top coat) and a wiry top coat that seemingly grows forever.  

          Before her first "big" haircut as a puppy her hair was a good 6-8" long but it was getting too hard to brush so now we keep it about 3-4" long, I use the width of my hand as a guide for scissors.  I scissor cut her every 4-6 weeks and it takes about 2 hours while DH is brushing so if I had to do the brushing part too it would probably take 3-4 hours.  If I used clippers I'm sure it wouldn't take as long but we like her long, shaggy look so scissors it is.  We also aren't super fussy about it being 100% even so if you are a perfectionist I do not recommend this method!

          Thankfully her matting isn't *that* bad since she isn't super curly, it's really mosty just "problem areas" like where her legs meet her body and her "ankle" area.  I do de-matting touch ups a couple times a week in those areas and do a little face/feet trimming every 2 weeks or so in addition to full body brushing about every week.  

          • Tell us what it would be like if you just let Riley's hair grow and never cut it. :)
            For the OP's sake. 

            • Oh it would be a horror show she'd probably end up needing to be shaved lol.  Naked doodle.

              When her hair was getting super long as a puppy it was almost impossible to brush.  I had to use a greyhound comb and comb it from roots to tip in small sections and it took forever...and she wasn't fully grown so she was still fairly small.   If I didn't keep on top of it mats would start really close to her skin and they were really hard to get out.  

              I just don't have the time to brush her for an hour a day which is probably what it would take!

              • That's exactly how you have to comb Poodles in full coat, with the greyhound comb from roots to tips, one little section at a time. After you line brush them all over, lol.

                • That sounds exhausting lol. 

                  I've been thinking about a poodle for my next dog (if I can get DH on the poodle train) but maybe not.  We're thinking about 3 years from now though so maybe I'll change my mind by then since the kids will be older.  I could also just keep the poodle clipped short in most places which is what most people with pet/companion poodles seem to do.  I like Jasper's cut I think he looks really cute.

                  I'll continue my search - we're not opposed to shedding dogs (obviously or we wouldn't have another doodle!) but I'd rather not one that sheds little hairs constantly so I think short haired dogs are out.

                  • I keep Jasper shorter on the body and just a little longer on the legs, with a full face. It really doesn't take much time to keep him mat free. Maybe an hour a week. The key is also getting him groomed every 6 weeks like clockwork. 

                    • If I get a poodle or similarly coated dog I'd definitely buy clippers.  We already have a grooming table and an assortment of other grooming tools.  

                      Good to know it's not super terrible!  If we got a poodle it would be a standard though so more work.  Big dogs take SO long to groom!

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