My Colby is shedding SO MUCH!!! When we got him, we didn't realize he would shed. The shedding is so similar to that of a Golden Retriever and it's driving my husband crazy to the point where he wants to re-home him. The only reason he agreed to getting a dog was because I convinced him that Goldendoodles shed very little, if at all. He seems to pull more English Cream then poodle. Any grooming suggestions to help address the shedding? Does this mean he's not a Goldendoodle?8260638854?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Colby is beautiful. 

    In general the straighter-haired doodles do usually shed.  If it's an F1 doodle that's only a 50% chance of a non-shedding dog.  Poodle genetics are not magical and do not cancel out the retriever genes, they just statistically give you a chance at a non-shedding dog.

    I've had 2 doodles - a goldendoodle and now a bernedoodle, both F1s.  The goldendoodle shed a TON, she was double-coated and both her top coat and undercoat shed and she was short/flat-coated so the hairs grew out and shed quickly.  My current dog (bernedoodle) is also double-coated but only her undercoat sheds, the top coat is wavy/curly and doesn't noticeably shed. She doesn't shed as much as our goldendoodle did since it's just the undercoat.

    The only thing that I've found that reduces shedding (but nothing will truly eliminate it) is to regularly brush the dog all over with a de-shedding tool.  Since Colby is longer-coated I'd recommend a rake like this one that I use on Riley:

    Furminator makes a different de-shedding tool for long-coated dogs but I haven't tried it, the rake works pretty well.  Riley sheds like CRAZY in Spring and Fall when she is changing between Winter and Summer coats and the de-shedding rake makes the transition go faster so the hair isn't all over the house. 


    To be honest it's making me pretty sad your husband would consider re-homing the dog just because he sheds :(  

    If that is a big issue for you then a purebred non-shedding breed (like a poodle) would have been a better choice.

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  • Your pup is adorable, but sometimes that just isn't enough.  It is marketing hype that tells buyers that doodles don't shed.  Many shed as much as their retriever parent.  It is just the way the genes fall.  I am sorry your hubby feels that way but if not shedding is he only way you can have a dog in the family, I would contact a rescue like Doodle Rescue Collective where I volunteer, and re-home him while he is young.  His shedding will NOT go away no matter how much you brush.  Then I would look at non=shedding dogs like poodles or wheatens.  Maybe a giant schnauzer would work for you.  I realize this would be hard to do but it is better to re-home him now while he is young than eventually be a backyard dog. Husbands aren't always on the same page, are they?   One of my doodles sheds A LOT and over the years it has not gotten any better.   My shedding golden8260792881?profile=RESIZE_400xdoodle -

  • It's very very common for goldendoodles and labradoodles to shed, many as heavily as purebred Retrievers. This is particularly true of F1s, which tend to have straighter coats. Mine shed 24/7.  It's a shame you weren't educated about that before you bought the puppy. I would have known your dog was a shedder just seeing his photo.  
    No type of grooming is going to address the issue. He sheds, and he always will. You can use a shedding rake to remove some of the excess fur, but that's about it. Shedding rakes are inexpensive and sold at most pet supply stores. I did not find the Furminator helped much with my heavily shedding doodle at all.

    I feel very sad for your dog and your daughter who obviously loves him. How sad for a child to lose her pet. 
    Please do not rehome your dog through social media. It is not safe for him. It's not his fault that he sheds and he deserves a  loving home that has been carefully screeened. Please contact Doodle Rescue.
    Here is a link to the information on rehoming through Doodle Rescue:

  • Doodle Rescue Collective rehome application:

    Doodle Rescue Collective Rescue Rehome Assistance
    Doodle Rescue Collective Rescue Rehome Assistance
  • I am so saddened and angry at the amount of so called "breeders" who advertise Labradoodles and Goldendoodles as non-shedding.  Like Karen has said, it is simply a marketing tool and unfortunately, so many believe it.   Your dog is beautiful and please don't make a hasty decision to re-home and if you do, choose Doodle Rescue Collective.   

    • It makes me sad and angry too. :(
      So many of these "breeders" are only interested in making a sale and couldn't care less what happens to these innocent puppies who they have misrepresented. 

      • So true..I would need more than a breeders word that my puppy won't some references ,if they don't want to help with that move on..

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