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I am trying get a lead on some quality grooming tools but I am having difficulty navigating this site. Search results take me to links in the Grooming Group that no longer work, and trust me I have tried multiple ways before asking for info that I am sure is buried in here somewhere. There is no Discussion Forum in Groomer Group only comments x many years, but search results still send me there.
I am just trying to get an educated direction on what exact grooming tools I should purchase for my young ALD before his puppy coat starts to blow. Specifically, are some brush brands better than others? Pin brush vs slicker or both? He has a fleece coat if that matters.
Thanks in advance. :)

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  • I can't help you with the grooming group, but I can tell you my experience with brushes. People swear by the les pooches brush. I have the small green one. It's a good brush, but if I had to do it again I would have gotten the big one. But the brush I love and adore is the Chris Christensen Big K slicker brush. It has long pins and the pins themselves are high quality and they aren't sharp like some of the cheaper brushes. The other one people love is the Big G, which has more pins, but is otherwise the same brush. It's an expensive one, but I would have been better to buy the expensive brush the first time than 5 that were the wrong one first. 

    The other thing that is a must have is a good metal comb. They call it a greyhound comb. Brush first and then comb all the way down to the skin. Otherwise matting can hide below the surface. You should be able to comb all the way through their hair without tangles when you're finished. 

    I also recently bit the bullet and bought a folding grooming table for the girls. It really helps when I'm not chasing them all over the house with a brush. It's so much quicker and easier if they just stand still for a few minutes. They don't seem to mind it, and I love it.

  • I'm not having any trouble getting to the forum in the grooming group - but you have to click on Forum at the top, under the Grooming Group title. That's a new feature of the group. Otherwise you don't see the discussion posts. Possibly you need to join the group to see it? I'm not sure, but there is still good info in there if you can get to it. 


  • Hi Paula, I know this answer is kind of pathetic, but notice the URL for this discussion in the grooming group:

    When you click on old links that aren't working within the grooming group, if you can adjust the URL to match the order of things above, you'll probably get it. 

    Notice it is the site name followed by "groups" followed by "the name of the group" followed by "forum" followed by the title of the discussion.  As I said, this answer sucks.  Our site upgrade in August left some things wonky and there's no easy way to fit it all in one swoop.  If anyone wants to take the lead in the grooming group and arrange the group's look and organization, let me know.

  • Thanks ladies!

    The grooming forum is visible to me now. I knew you did the upgrade and I believe I joined right about that same time. So far I have been working around the "wonkyness" as you put it and I understand what a big job this is.  I really did try to not be that person that asks the same question that has been asked 76 times already. After my coffee this morning I will reread your link tip and I am sure I will have many hours of happy searching. I really do appreciate this place! You all have been invaluable in the first 5 months of Cooper's and my life together...<3

    And Stacy...EXACTLY! I am trying to not buy 5 of the wrong thing before finally spending some $$ on the right thing. I am considering the table. 

  • My question would be are you looking to be a self groomer and do haircuts and everything, or just looking for good brushes for maintenance between groomings by a professional?   As for brushes I think the 2 I hear the most about are Chris Christiansen and Les Poochs.  I personally use the Les Poochs.  Pricey, but worth every penny.  And as mentioned a good metal comb.  This doesn't have to be expensive, just have a fine tooth side as well as regular side. 

    Are you considering being a self groomer or just doing maintenance between professional groomings?

    • If you wait a bit, we will have a grooming episode on The Doodle Kisses Podcast and while we don't get into the details of DIY, there will be a special discount on the Les Poochs brush available to listeners ;-)

    • I am interested in maintaining his coat between groomings. Maybe even extending the time between. At this point I am not even sure where he will fall on the difficulty scale. It sounds like some coats are easier than others. I ran across a couple of small matts under his arm and figure I need to get a brushing habit going before his coat gets away from me. 
      Also his mustache had a small Matt. I am thinking that needs to be combed often. 

      • HI, you will also need some good scissors for trimming around eyes and even the sanitary areas, under arms. You need a straight scissor, a shorter one with blunt tips for around eyes and if you do some hair in the ears, and a thinning shears to make the eye area look blended and not chopped. If you are only doing some tidying up between, this should be all you'd need besides the above mentioned.  I groom 4 doodles myself, all big, all different types of hair. I'd say looking into clippers, table and dryer would come next should you decide to do one your own. 

  • I have 2 doodles. I don’t think I could survive doodle hood without Les Poochs brushes. I also have a rotating tooth comb, and Chris Christensen t brush. But I feel the Les Pooch is a must.

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