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I know I overshare. And I know this is highly insignificant in the big picture. And I know it's just hair and it will grow. But I'm soooo bummed. 

Katie and Maggie's groomer moved away. And when I say away I mean far away - like a 17 hour round trip (I checked.)  She had been Katie's groomer since we moved here in 2015 - I think she had only been groomed twice by someone else. And I knew I was spoiled. She hand scissored Katie and she only charged maybe $60. She taught me so many things. She helped me get a few decent grooming tools and figure out at least the brushing thing. I don't think Katie's had a matt on her for 2 years. The girls adore her and she's one of the few people trust implicitly with them. And we won't even mention that her shop was 5 minutes away from home. 

But life must go on and dogs must be groomed. So today I took them to the groomer who replaced my beloved groomer. And it's not a disaster. It's not. It's just hair, right? That's what I always think when someone is bemoaning the way their dog was groomed. But, she I did not know this was a thing I had to tell her. And Maggie, I can't say anything. We're still working out the brushing kinks. She doesn't like it, and she has hair that tangles. She was kind of a mess (but not that big of a mess.) But Katie! All she needed was a bath and a trim and she came home with a summer cut and no beard! And to add insult to injury she shaved up about 2 inches on her tail. She didn't have a single tangle in her tail. Why would she even do that? 

I know, I know. It will grow back. Eventually. But I'm whining here. And now I am in search of a new groomer who is exactly like the old groomer. And I don't think it's a thing. And somehow I'm sitting here wondering exactly how I could justify driving 17 hours every time the girls need their hair done. 

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Did she poodle her face?? Have pictures you can share? I'm curious to see. And 60 bucks you're lucky I paid 81 last time and he's gained an additional 10 pounds so let's see how much she'll charge this time around. If it makes you feel better it will grow back before you know it.

They aren't shaved like a poodle, they're just really short. I do know that what she charged was incredibly reasonable. And I do know it will grow back and it will be okay, it just looks so strange!

I don't think it's that bad. I actually see a lot of doodles cut like this, especially in summer. 

I am getting used to it. look at Katie's little skinny legs! Maggie got a lot of compliments on her haircut at class tonight. It's just not the look I want. But then again I'm pretty sure Maggie's hair will never allow that long wavy doodle look anyway.

Legs are easy, just ask her to leave the legs longer. Tell her you want the legs longer than the body. 

I could take in that picture of Jasper sitting on the chair. He looks amazing! 

We should really talk about how poodle hair compares to doodle hair. Someday down the road I plan to have a poodle. Is he as soft as he looks? 

Yes, but he won't be for long. His adult cost is coming in, and it is much coarser. Kind of like Brillo, lol. 

It's not horrible, but I agree that I don't like skinny legs.  Ask her to blend them.  Ned  has a cottony, easily matting coat. It is almost impossible for Ned's head not to look poodly.  It is just the way his coat is. Charlie  has a straighter thicker than you can believe coat.  Both of their torsos in this photo are really short but their legs are longer. My groomer blends the longer coats on legs, head and tail in.  I think she has to use scissors to do this.

They look good now,  it's a good cut just shorter than you want. In two to three weeks it will be perfect.

The thing with Katie's tail is a Poodle thing. Maybe she hasn't groomed many doodles? 

Maybe she hasn't, but I don't know how. All I see over here are doodles! It's doodle city! And I'm getting used to it. It's not awful. It's just not what I wanted. But I have a hard time articulating what they're supposed to look like - our old groomer just knew. I guess I need to learn dog coat vocab!

Next time you run into a doodle be sure to ask about a groomer!



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