•  You know, since the site changed, I don;t know how to do that either. But all members would have to have their settings for receiving group messages to get one. And they can't reply to them. 

  • Options-->Manage members --> Message members (blue text in top right corner of the group section).

    • Gosh, that was easy.  Why didn't I see that yesterday????

      • I got your message, so it worked, lol.
        In the future, it may be a good idea to include "You cannot reply to this message. Please PM me with any questions" or something to that effect.
        Also, make sure you have your group set to "members cannot send group messages." It saves a lot of headaches.


        • Great idea.  I personally don't care/want a reply, and know I won't get any, but I should have stated that. 

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