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  • This is hilarious! 


  • If it's potty trained, I'll take your spare dog!

    • Guaranteed not to pee on the floor. But boy does it shed.


  • We need a laugh emoji!


  • Haha!

    The amount of hair we got off Riley when we groom her is unreal.  Not only do I cut off about 2" of hair from everywhere but DH also rakes out her undercoat while I'm doing that... you would think she would have no hair left with the amount he manages to get out of there lol.  It's like her coat is actually a black hole and we're pulling hair from another dimension because I'm not even sure how it's possible to get that much fluff off of her.

    This is not terribly glamorous and not nearly as cute as your hair pic but here's a pic of Riley's hair from one grooming session when she was about 9 months old so she was smaller and had less hair than she does now.  That plastic box is about 1 foot wide/high and it was packed with hair (we compacted it down as best we could but as you can see it wasn't enough).  



    • send a photo of Riley before, and after. How long to you go between cuttings?


      • I'd say every 6 weeks or so I give her a full trim, we keep her coat fairly long so it doesn't have to be done as often.  I also do little touch ups here and there in between, I scissor cut her so it isn't 100% even and I often miss spots.

        Here's the before/after from that pile of hair when she was a puppy.  It was her first trim so I wasn't trimming very aggressively, the third photo is a more recent one of how we keep her hair now.

        Sorry for the weird rotation, I'm on my tablet and things never post correctly, they should be right side up if you click on them.







        • The photos are correctly oriented.  I wonder why they look sideways on your end.

          • And when I click on any photo embedded in a discussion here, Norton blocks it with a big red "DANGER" warning. Happens whether I try to access from my email (in which case, it's the link to the discussion) or whether I click it right here in the discussion, which I just tried. Not just this discussion, any time a photo is included.
            This is what I get:

            Dangerous Web Page Blocked
            You attempted to access:
            This is a known dangerous web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.


            It's always that ning storage Topology thing. 


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