Frankie is a great addition and he and Quincy are really getting along well.  But the hair.  Yikes.  I can vacuum the burgundy rug that separates the kitchen island and the dining area and an hour later it is white with his hair.  I thought of upping our cleaning service to weekly, but I need hourly lol!  So, that is kind of what we did.  We bought a iRobot "Roomba" vacuum.  So far so good.  I was amazed at all the hair, sand and grit it picked up on the hardwoods downstairs.  I had done a vacuum with our regular machine first as recommended by some reviewer, but it got soo much more.  We just steamed cleaned the upstairs but  I was stunned at what it got up from the upstairs carpeted rooms.  

The boys were a little put off at first, but now just keep clear of it.  

They are pricey, but I think a worthwhile tool in the never ending hair, hair everywhere battle. 3364195273?profile=original

He's worth it!  

Frankie in the sunset April 2016.jpg

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  • What a smart solution!! I've always been curious about those. When we had our Golden Retriever he was a shedding maniac, I'm sure I would have loved a perpetual vacuum! 

  • And,  I never wear black! :-}

    • We are both lawyers!  Black and Navy suits are uniforms for us.  I do wear beige and grey but I fear it won't matter.  I will still have to roller myself in the garage!  

  • Frankie is adorable! I have been soooo tempted to get an iRobot for my floors but doubted it could pick up sand. You are pushing me to give it a try with this post. I will have to wait for awhile since taxes were a killer.

    • It seems to do a good job with sand as well.  we don't have too much right now (we have it in the winter for the ice) but I did notice there was sand in the waste when I emptied it.  We bought the latest model and it is pricey but so worth it IMO.  

  • I feel your pain.  The Roomba is the only thing that keeps me sane as well.  I usually set mine for 30 minutes in the kitchen and then just let it go in the living/dining room carpeted area until it docks itself.  Even that does not stay ahead of my Meg, she is an Olympic Gold Medal shedder.  We never wear black here and warn visitors that khaki and grey are their safest bets.  Nobody and nothing leaves my house without a 'hair' gift from Meg.  Some days it makes me frantic and other days we roll with it.

    I can not say enough great things about the Roomba.  We got the one with the rubber rollers instead of brushes, we knew we would not be able to keep the brushes cleaned out.

  • I guess there is a reason that face is so adorable, lol!  We don't have a Romba although we have looked at them but I do have my very own vacuum guy, lol.  

  • What a brilliant idea, Lori! I was wondering how you and the new dood were doing.

    Glad to hear the Roomba is working on the problem.

    Terri & Harley

  • My friend has a Roomba and loves it.  So glad to hear Frankie and Quincy are doing so great together.

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