Hi!  I’m a new member, as of this evening, and I found the site as I was researching the hair loss issue our 2 year old miniature goldendoodle, Finnley, is having.  It started with loss of hair and darkening skin on both of his sides and has been getting progressively worse over the last few months, including most of the hair on his tail gone, except for around the base of it.  His beautiful tail literally looks like a rat tail now :(  I was convinced it was hypothyroidism.  Having some other symptoms such as a few lb weight gain in last month and a bit lethargic.  We took him to the vet last Friday and they took blood, urine and stool samples.   He called yesterday to say his kidneys & liver were fine and that his thyroid level was on the low side of normal, at 1.1.   He said he wanted to have them test for level of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), to see if that was elevated.  We gave him the go ahead and heard back from him today that it was not high, so he said he’s not ready to diagnose him with hypothyroidism at this point.  He suggested it may be from allergies or possibly some other “odd problem” going on and we’ll be talking tomorrow.  I’ve read the information on seasonal flank alopecia and have him taking 3 mg of melatonin twice a day for approximately 2 weeks now....not seeing much improvement.  The hair that is on his sides is different than the rest of his hair....it’s coarse, straight and dark.  Has anybody experienced this with their Doodle?  I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer.  Thank you!

Adding a picture taken 9 days ago.  Most of hair on tail, except for base, is now gone. Dark & thinning patches on sides actually go over the top of his back now:



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    • I'm so glad you got a diagnosis!!!  Sending good thoughts for a quick hair re-growth.

    • Pam ~ I just saw your post about Finnley.  Good news you got a diagnosis and are starting treatment. Looking forward to the day when his body & coat respond and he is sporting a beautiful coat again.  Best wishes.  

    • So glad you got a proper diagnosis and can now begin treatment. 

  • Thank you everyone!   And thank you Karen for the referral to the specialist.  Finnley is on his way to getting better.....just in time for winter!

  • I'd also be interested in what your vet has to say when you tell him what Finnley's actual diagnosis is. 
    I'm guessing the "mini" part of Finnley's breed mix is what threw him off track, because S.A. is only seen in Standard Poodles, not Miniatures. However, if Finnley is a multigen, there may have been Standards or American "Moyens" (which in this country are almost always intervariety breedings involving Standards). But in any case, allergies just don't look like that and aren't diagnosed like that, so I think he owes you an apology, and maybe a refund. 


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