It's Riley's 2nd birthday today!

Our big, goofy, fluffy clown of a dog is emerging from puppyhood.

Her daily troublemaking antics keep us on our toes but she is mellowing into a super sweet and calm adult dog!  

She had a peanut butter/egg "cake" with cheesestring "candles" and loved it so much she took off with it to eat it in the grass.

Happy birthday big fluffmonster!


Waiting rather patiently...


"Candles" first


Too good to let anyone steal it....


... and a throwback to a tiny 8 week old version of herself :)




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  • Happy 2nd Birthday, Riley! Enjoy your day! 

  • I can't believe she's already two!!  Happy Birthday!7145731266?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • It's so crazy!  The last couple years have flown by, having a baby in the house probably had something to do with it haha.

  • Happy Birthday Riley!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Riley!  Have a great day, pretty girl.

  • Happy birthday you beautiful fluffball!

  • Happy birthday gorgeous!

  • Happy Birthday, Riley! I'm also shocked that she's already 2. Time sure flies. I hope she had the happiest day. She is so pretty.

  • Happy Birthday to a happy puppy.

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