Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Kona Bug!  She is such a sweet, cuddly and independant girl.  She has fit so perfectly into our lives, and I don't think Buddy would know what to do without all her antics.

We had a wonderful year with a trip to San Diego to meet with Doodle friends and started a new class called K9 nosework that both Kona and Buddy are enjoying.  We look forward to another great year with lot's of family and friends and a few trips along the way. 

We adore you Kona :P

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  • Happy birthday! I think I see this Calendar-girl on my wall every morning?!
    • Hmmm, that's Moms fault :P  She loves me so much that darn camera is always in my face!  Thanks for the Bday wishes Julie, boomer and Milo

  • Kona, you are a beautiful gal and you don't look a day over 4 : ) Happy Birthday.

    • Ohhh, you are very kind!  Thank you, Thank you F, Calla & Luca :P



    • Thanks Karen and Jackdoodle!

  • Thank you Sandy & Hattie, we'll celebrate a day late tomorrow when everyone is off!


  • We wish Kona a Happy Doodle Birthday!

    • Thanks Linda and Charlie Brown!


  • Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!

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