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Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Kona Bug!  She is such a sweet, cuddly and independant girl.  She has fit so perfectly into our lives, and I don't think Buddy would know what to do without all her antics.

We had a wonderful year with a trip to San Diego to meet with Doodle friends and started a new class called K9 nosework that both Kona and Buddy are enjoying.  We look forward to another great year with lot's of family and friends and a few trips along the way. 

We adore you Kona :P

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Happy Birthday Kona!  You are one gorgeous girl!

You are sweet BruceGirl Thanks!

Happy Birthday, Kona! Here's to another great year!!

Clinking some doodle wine to that toast Doris & Knox, thanks :P

And we here in San Diego adore her too!!!  Gracie turned 5 on May 18.  I didn't realize little Ms. Kona was right behind her.  She is such a sweet girl and Buddy the best ever too.  Happy Birthday little girl.  Gracie misses you and want you to come back with Buddy and play on the beach with her!!!  hugs and kisses xo

Thanks Nancie and GracieDoodle!  We all can't wait to come and visit again as soon as we can, we had the best time this Spring visiting!  Love you guys!

Happy Birthday, Kona girl!

Thanks to our favorite other Kona, and Bonnie too :)

Happy Birthday Kona....I can't believe you are 5, you were Daisy's age when we joined DK. Seems like yesterday.

Happy Birthday pretty lady!

Happy 5th Birthday beautiful Kona!

Happy Birthday Kona!Great pictures GBK!



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