This is Meg on the day we brought her home, rescued at four months after two other families wouldn't keep her.  I lover her so much.  She is smart, loving, gentle with little kids and other animals (well, not so much if she actually caught a squirrel) and she sheds more than I ever thought any animal could possibly shed.  She acts like I am the person she loves most in the world, even though I see her on my husbands lap quite often.  I often feel bad for the two families that passed on her, they have no idea what they missed out on.  I am so lucky to have her.


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  • She is eight years old.   For everyone that ever wonders where the poodle in their doodle is...Meg no longer has those adorable curls between her eyes.  She looks like a fluffly lab with coarse hair over an underlayer of the finest, thickest fluff.  It is her heart we love so much!

  • Happy Birthday, Meg, and many, many more
    She sounds so much like the late, great Jackdoodle, and I felt the same way about him. <3

  • Happy Birthday! Meg sounds like a sweetheart.

  • Happy Birthday to you sweet Meg! And keep giving your momma all your unconditional love. 

  • awesome!

  • Happy Birthday to Meg!  She is adorable.  I think she was meant for you, and that you are both super lucky to have each other.  You sound like an awesome doggy mom :)


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