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It's Riley's first birthday today!  

We started the day with a nice visit to the big dog park.  She was a little extra crazy this morning, maybe she could sense the excitement of the day ;)

After we got home I made her a "pupcake" of potato and carrot with yogourt peanut butter "icing". It looked terrible but she thought it was delicious so all is well.  Daddy did not cooperate well as cake assistant so the pic is quite blurry but you can see her anticipation!

(I'm having picture rotation issues on my tablet again lol)

We are rounding out our day at grandma's for a swim. 

All in all a first birthday well spent!  Birthday treats of a bully stick and whimzee await at home...

Happy birthday big bear!

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Happy 1st Birthday, Riley! 
I can't believe it's been a year! 

It's so crazy and she has grown so much.  Look at this tiny fluff we brought home!

She was adorable, but I honestly think she's cuter now. I feel that way about Old English Sheepdogs, too; some breeds and mixes are cuter as adults than as puppies. 

Yes I think she is cuter now too, she is better proportioned and has grown into a graceful and powerful looking muppet :)  People have actually stopped their cars on a bunch of occasions to compliment her and ask what breed of dog she is lol.  I appreciate the compliment but drive safely people!

That used to happen to me when I was walking JD. :)

I get that too and find myself doing it when I see other doodles!

All tuckered out now!

Looks like she enjoyed her big day!

She very rarely settles down like that at grandma's... usually she is trying to convince grandma to give her just one more cookie ;)

Happy Birthday Riley! Hope you had an amazing day! It looked like a lot of fun. 

She has finally decided that swimming isn't scary and is actually enjoying it... she wouldn't get out of the pool! lol.

From that adorable little pup to a gorgeous girl all in one year - it goes too fast!   Happy Birthday Riley!  Lots of fun on your day and yummy cake!



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