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It's Riley's first birthday today!  

We started the day with a nice visit to the big dog park.  She was a little extra crazy this morning, maybe she could sense the excitement of the day ;)

After we got home I made her a "pupcake" of potato and carrot with yogourt peanut butter "icing". It looked terrible but she thought it was delicious so all is well.  Daddy did not cooperate well as cake assistant so the pic is quite blurry but you can see her anticipation!

(I'm having picture rotation issues on my tablet again lol)

We are rounding out our day at grandma's for a swim. 

All in all a first birthday well spent!  Birthday treats of a bully stick and whimzee await at home...

Happy birthday big bear!

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It's so crazy how quickly they grow... puppies and human babies alike.  

I love the picture with her swimming!  It must take her awhile to dry off!   :^)   Happy birthday!

Haha yes it does take quite a while.  Thankfully she doesn't mat much when she gets wet since her top coat is so wiry... but that undercoat holds the moisture for a long time!

Happy First Birthday, Riley.  I cannot believe how fast this time has gone.

Happy Birthday Riley!! She certainly  is growing older with style.  She is really gorgeous.  I love her coloring.

J, You are incredible! What a great birthday party! But I am sure Riley is only six months old. Surely she isn't a year already! Time flies when you are having fun! Hugs and doodlekisses to you and your adorable pup

To be fair most of her Saturdays are like that, minus the cake ;)  

She may or may not be slightly spoiled.



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