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Lets see some of those costumes. I know we have some creative people here!

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Your girls look absolutely adorable.

Thank you Karen! Im hoping we get to see some more Doodle cuties after the festivities are over.

Awesome picture!  I especially love the granny glasses on Pippa!  Her eyes are so big and adorable!  There is no way that Myla would keep on an outfit!  She'd just go around and around in circles trying to get it off so I am enjoying these pictures.  Great post!

Thanks Wendy! I swear I think I may have hurt Pippa's feelings laughing at her. She was just so serious it was hard not to laugh. How old is Myla? If you want them to wear costumes, its best to start when they are young and then they don't resist so much. They don't love it but they are very tolerant. 

I wanted something that Riley would possibly not chew... so I just made her a beanie baby tag ;) (She managed to chew it a bit anyway until we went out trick o' treating and was too distracted)

She is absolutely adorable!

Beautiful doodle!

Riley is just the cutest!!!  Love.

So cute!!

What a gorgeous doodle!

Adorable, Lori.  We weren't that creative but managed to dress up just a little.

Awww, he's always a cutie pie!



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