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Lets see some of those costumes. I know we have some creative people here!

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Here's Sadie in her princess costume, which she hates. She inherited it from a dog friend who passed away, so I make her wear it once a year in honor of Cricket's memory. 

Ha! so sweet!

It even comes with a pointed princess hat, but I cannot get her to wear that part. Here's a frontal view:

What a good sport even without the hat!  You look precious Sadie!

So sweet!

Sadie makes an beautiful princess!

Come Sadie, cheer up!  Cricket would think you look fabulous.

Awww, she is precious!

LOL, my dog hates all costumes!  Sadie is adorable.

Very pretty in pink!

Way too cute!

Wow! Who are the creatures behind The masks?



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