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I saw this several times on facebook today, and it couldn't describe me and my girls any better: 

There is no one I would rather see in the new year than these little fuzz butts. Cheers to 2019!

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A Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your girls! 

And to you and Jasper, and your two-leggers as well! 

That was us as usual!  Quiet evening with PJs & the fuzz butt!  Happy New Year to you too!

Our New Year’s Eve party ended at 9:00 so we could get home to our pups and the two we are dog sitting.  :-). Happy New Year to you too!

Somebody had a little too much champagne, lol! 

I feel like that at 9pm!

I love this! I read an article on facebook *eyeroll* about a study that shows that people like spending time with their dogs more than other people. I thought, we need a study to tell us this? Of course we enjoy our dogs more than most other people! They're just the best.

Meanwhile there are so many things that are not common knowledge that could use the research dollars :p


I put this on my fb page too. DH was there also.

Happy new year everyone! :)

Happy New Year.



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