• A Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your girls! 

    • And to you and Jasper, and your two-leggers as well! 

  • That was us as usual!  Quiet evening with PJs & the fuzz butt!  Happy New Year to you too!

  • Our New Year’s Eve party ended at 9:00 so we could get home to our pups and the two we are dog sitting.  :-). Happy New Year to you too!3367107738?profile=original

    • Somebody had a little too much champagne, lol! 

    • I feel like that at 9pm!

    • I love this! I read an article on facebook *eyeroll* about a study that shows that people like spending time with their dogs more than other people. I thought, we need a study to tell us this? Of course we enjoy our dogs more than most other people! They're just the best.

  • I put this on my fb page too. DH was there also.

  • Happy new year everyone! :)

  • Amen.

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