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    8370988679?profile=RESIZE_710xHappy New Years from Pepper! Hope every dood is going to have an awesome year ahead ❤️

Out of curiosity, what do you all think her full grown coat is going to look like? We think she has (-/+) gene though we don't know for sure since she is multigenerational. This won't change how much we love and adore her of course. we just thought it's fun to have some ideas ❤️ Plus we can prepare for grooming better!


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  • Your puppy obviously has a very thick, wavy coat and plenty of furnishings. 
    What do you mean by "(-/+) gene" ????

    • I am super confused by that as well, haha.

      I agree puppy is very wavy and doodly.

  • I meant the curl gene. It's mentioned on GANAs page:https://www.goldendoodleassociation.com/about-the-breed/coat-types-...

    sorry for the confusion. And thank you!! Yes I wonder if she is going to look more curly (instead of wavy as she ages) but yes she is wavy now 😬

    All About Goldendoodle Colors and Coats
    • I find most of the information about genetics on GANA's website to be pretty inaccurate. For example, they talk about merle coloring in goldendoodles, and there is no merle gene in either Poodles or Goldens, so it would be impossible to have a merle goldendoodle unless there is some other breed in the lines somewhere. 
      You have to remember that most of the info and terms you read on doodle breeder sites are basically made up as they go along, because when you are dealing with mixed breed dogs, you can get any kind of coat, and there are no real breed standards towards which the breeder is working. 
      Yes, there is a gene for curly coats in dogs (it's not written in plus or minus signs, lol) but as you stated, the only way to know for sure whether any given goldendoodle past the first generation has 1 copy or 2 copies of the curl gene would be to do a dna test.
      Your pup appears to have what doodle people refer to as a "loose fleece" coat, and that's supposed to be the most desirable kind of coat. Most people who buy doodles do not not want a very curly coat, because if they did, why not just buy a purebred Poodle, lol? Curly coats typically have a woolier, coarser texture and are the hardest kinds of coats to maintain. 
      I would not expect your pup to end up curly. The coat may change texture and may have more curl to it, but it not going to end up like a purebred Poodle's coat, because it's not starting out that way. :) 
      This is a 10 week old purebred Poodle puppy, and this is how a curly coat starts out looking.

      • Thank you for this information!! Yes we love wavy ones and we'll love her no matter what we're just curios and it's fun to see what you guys think :)) 

  • She looks to be about as curly as our bernedoodle Riley, maybe a bit curlier. You can see little 9 week old Riley was more curly on the ears but less curly on the legs, about the same in the chest/face.  As an adult she has a combination of curls (mostly on her body) and waves (on chest/head/legs).  

    9 weeks old (check out the size of her paws lol)


    Adult (2 years old), I can just clipped her body but you can see that her body curls are tighter than in other places.




    • Oh my god Riley is so adorable thank you for sharing :))

  • Pepper is beautiful. Her cost appears to be the 'ideal' one for  doodles. The adult  coats tend to be curlier than the puppy ones. I don't have puppy pictures of Charlie but his coat is very much like Riley's - and perhaps like Pepper's might be. 8373365091?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Yes, I think Pepper's coat might be a lot like Charlie's. 

    • Charlie is soooo beautiful thank you for sharing☺️ I can't wait to see peppers full grown coat 

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