I recently discovered a very hard (like bone) lump on the inside of Lyric's rear hock--about 2 inches above her foot. It does not move around and it is not painful. I am not sure if any of you have experience with this --I know I don't.

My daughter and hubby,  both vets, will take a look at it over Thanksgiving and I will then schedule an Xray with my vet next week. It has not bothered her in any way, but it is alarming to see this develop (to about the size of a large marble) in just the last two months since I groomed her last. I know I would have noticed it when working on her. She will be 11 next summer and I have been crossing my fingers that she and my other two aging Labradoodles do not develop cancer...ugh...

Any ideas?

So, the xray showed a very weird perfectly round bone growth where a rear dew claw would be if a doodle had one. (Some breeds do) The vet was concerned that there might be some poor quality to the leg bones that might indicate a growing cancer but it was pretty unlikely. They did a chest xray too and saw no problems in the rest of the body that would indicate metastasis. The vet then sent the xray to a radiology specialist and I also asked him to email it to my vet daughter---the daughter got back to me first and said, yes, it looks weird but not at all like osteosarcoma and is probably just a benign growth of bone. I got a call yesterday from my vet and he said the radiologist concurred with that conclusion! PHEW! We will not do anything further at this time but will xray again at the end of January to see if it is still growing (it grew quite fast) and is becoming uncomfortable...otherwise, it will just be watched.

Thanks all for you concern and replies. Hoping this continues to be nothing to worry about!

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  • I hope it turns out to be nothing. 

  • I am glad you have someone you love and trust to look at this.  I also hope it turns out to be nothing.

  • Hope it turns out to be nothing! Vern has lumps showing up all over and we will be going to the vet soon to get them checked out :) 

  • This is so scary. I hope it is nothing important.

  • Super scary, I hope it's nothing serious.  

    The location doesn't sound like a likely spot for something like Lymphoma (Luna's were all in her armpits/groin/neck) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's just a silly aging lump that just grew rather quickly.

  • Vet appointment and xray on Thursday--will update everyone--it is definitely not a tumor--it does not move around--it seems to be part of the bone of her leg.So, we shall see! In the meantime, she is her usual goofy self. 

  • UPDATE is in the last paragraph above.

  • Thank you, Ginny. I’m so glad that the growth seems unimportant health-wise. 

  • My yellow lab seems to have had the same thing Lyric has. I forget what the condition is called, but my yellow lab had extra bone growth in the same area. I recall also being concerned, but it turned out to be completely harmless. My vet said it is fairly common in labs... I don't know if your Lyric is a Labradoodle though.

    Anyway, hopefully Lyric has the same thing!

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