• Zeus' nose started to get lighter at about 2 yrs and has stayed the same since

  • Many dogs noses lose their color.  Sometimes it is referred to as Snow Nose as it will turn lighter in the winter and then go black again in the summer time.  Below you will see Sophie's nose as a puppy that is nice and black and as it is now.  Her's does not go back to black in the Summer.



  • Daisy has a 1/2 black and 1/2 brown (liver) - she started with a black nose as a puppy, she has had this for a year.3365752172?profile=original nose.

  • Achilles is a 2 year old GD as well, his nose changes in cold weather to pinkish. I think they call is snow nose. It always go back to black in the warmer weather.

  • Spud's changed.  I call it shaded.  My Chocolate Labs noses changed later in their lives  too.

    I love the fact that the eyes change colors all the time also.  Shades of brown, dark green, and greys.3365752198?profile=original


  • Luna's nose is getting lighter, it's about the same colour as Sophie's and Spud's and it started black.

  • Over Tara's nearly 3 years of life her nose has gone from black to dark brown to medium brown. It has never gone back to the original black.  Not sure where we are going to end up!

  • Thanks everyone !!!  I knew there was nothing wrong with her... but wanted confirmation :)

  • Thanks for posting this I kept forgetting! Myla's started doing this and I was so sad!! It's like blackish brown on the tip but then a rosey weird patch in the top! Glad to here it's not abnormal! Thanks!

  • Yep, we had this discussion last year after I was like "what the heck!"  Brinkley's nose is black in the summer and turns brown in the cold weather.  :)


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