I just came across the awesomedoodles.com website. I can't tell if this is a multi-breeder site. There are a LOT of dogs being bred. I don't see any information about them being members of any appropriate clubs. They claim to health test. Is anyone familair with them?

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  • According to the site, it's a network of Aussiesoodle breeders in aabout four states. I don't know if you ever get to speak with the individual breeder. I'm not sure how they can ensure proper procedures are being followed with all the breders involved.
    • Looks suspicious to me.  No addresses, no full names, no written guarantee, alot of pretty pics but nothing that really identifies who they are.  I wouldn't take the chance.  Just my opinion.

  • If it is a 'network of breeders' it is a puppy mill or should I say mills.

  • Aussie doodles are Australian shepherds crossed with poodles as far as I can tell.  They are not the same at all as Australian Labradoodles which are multignen Australian labradoodle to Austalian labradoodle.  Their founding dogs were primarily Labrador retrievers and poodles, with a few other mixed to strengthen the hip joint and alignment.

    I agree that a "network" of breeders would be impossible to verify that all puppies were properly bred and raised, although they may be or some may be and some not.

    I would not use this sight myself.

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