Gumbo won't back away when I open the oven to take out food and he practically sticks his head in, I am constantly yelling at him to Get Back and even pushing him back because I am so afraid he is gonna burn himself on the oven door.  Has this ever happened to anyone? Same thing about my flat iron, he is always being nosy and smelling it when its on hot.  Im always paranoid he will burn himself. Do dogs feel pain from burns?  Should I just let him learn the hard way and burn himself so he knows not to do it again? Also, he stepped in a huge ant bed a few weeks ago and it was crazy to me that he didn't show in any way he was affected by it? I couldn't tell if he got bit or not? That's what made me start thinking about pain and their tolerance to it? I step on his tail all the time and he doesn't even move or flinch. Interesting subject that i would like to hear some feedback on. Thanks!

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  • I am sure dogs feel pain if burned and I would never let a dog get burnt to teach it a lesson. As to why you dog doesn't yelp she you step on his rain, perhaps you are only on his fur. But a broken tail could result from this.
  • I don't know this for a fact with dogs, but I do know a lot of animals hide their pain so as not to appear vulnerable. Its in their genetics for their own survival. I do think they feel pain, just like us. They just don't show it. There's been a lot of times I've thought, "Wow, that must have hurt.", even though there wasn't any obvious sign that it did. As for your curling iron, I'd make it a habit to keep it out of Gumbo's reach, or restrict him from where ever you use it. Its not a bad practice to keep your dog out of the kitchen while cooking, either. 

    • Thanks Debb and F. Calla,  appreciate the info.....  I am also concerned that once winter is here, we have alot of bonfires, will Gumbo instinctively know not to walk into the fire,? Do you they automatically know the fire will hurt them?

  • I agree with F. Dogs can certainly be burned, just as badly as people, and they feel pain just like we do, too. However, it's instinctive in dogs not to show that they are in pain, as in the wild, being sick or injured makes them vulnerable and jeopardizes their whole pack. 

    Yelling is really not the way to teach a dog anything, though. Puppies need to be restrained to protect them their own curiosity, just like babies do. When you are using the oven or the iron, Gumbo needs to be in a crate, behind a  gate, or in an X-pen so that he cannot get hurt. 

  • My Dutch burned the pads on his feet at the first of the summer from the hot pavement.  He wouldn't walk or play, SO he felt pain a lot.  After getting him shoes he healed and all is well. Thankfully he took to the shoes right off the bat. 

    • Thanks everyone for the feedback.. I will def take it to heart. I didn't want to "baby" Gumbo and have him not learn things due to me being over protective. But to think of him like a 2 year old toddler and treat him the same, is something I would have never really thought about. I didn't look at it like that. So thank you!. Gumbo is my first ever dog, so I was just asking... I know my questions may seem dumb to an experienced dog owner, but I would rather risk looking ignorant and getting answers than not asking at all. . LOL.... Thanks again.

  • Dogs most definitely feel pain. Teach Gumbo the command, "HOT," which should mean that he should retreat quickly. You can do this when the oven is turned off.  Say, "HOT," and rush into him so that he doesn't have a choice but to back away. He'll get the idea. You can then use the same command for fireplaces or fire pits or bonfires. Never trust him, though, to stay away from an open fire. You must do the same for Gumbo as you would if he were your child.

    Wally and I once stepped into a group of fire ants, and we both felt the pain of their bites. If Gumbo didn't react to the ants, then he escaped their bites.

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