Is it me or is anyone else having issues with this new website?  I realize all the hard work that goes into developing a website and totally appreciate it!!  It may just be me not being able to adjust to change but I am having a hard time adjusting and liking the change so I am not visiting as much.  I also am unable to find the list of recommended foods, the link just does not seem to work for me, I also saw that someone else is having the same issue and left a comment in the food group but I don't see a reply.  I also liked that we used to see the DRC Dogs that were available and I can no longer find that.  Just wondering if it is me and if it is.......Looking for assistance.  Thank you.

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  • I feel the same way Nancy. Can't search, can't find anything, everything is slow to load (I use a computer), and it's impossible to navigate.
    And apparently, the notifications aren't working either, because I never got one about a new comment in TFG. I used to get notified of every comment and every activity that happened on DK, in groups or in the forum. 
    Off to go look for it.

    • And then I get complaints from others who are getting notified of everything and are freaking out!

      • Please ask them to message me so i can find out their secret. 

      • I get notifications from certain members responses but not others.  I signed up to get once a day notificiations but I don't always - sometimes none, sometimes someone's response (J and Riley mostly) in an email.  I'm not necessarily notified of group posts in groups that I belong to.  And most frustrating of all, I can't navigate in the group section - I refuse to scroll for bunches of pages to find a group I want to get updated on - there is no search that I can find.

        I've finally figured out how to add photos and set up the format to the page I manage - looked fine on my computer but on the phone it appears in a scroll that isn't a good order.   I can sometimes add a photo in a response and sometimes can't.  I could navigate more easily on my phone with the old format; with this one I have to go back to the home page before doing anything else.  Just a pain.

  •  And you are right, the link to the recommended brands list on the main page of TFG does not work. 

    When I think of all the work that went into that group, and others here, all gone now, I could just cry.

    And you know why? Because people HAVE to do every single thing in life from a smart phone. How small peoples' lives have become. 
    Here's the link to the list:

    Recommended Dog Food Brands 2018
    GRAIN-FREE FORMULAS ONLY Orijen  Formulas:  (Formulas are slightly different depending on whether they are made in the U.S. or Canada; check website.…
    • What is different about this link compared to what's in TFG now?  Is there a letter or word or symbol difference?

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