• The blogs are not "threaded". You can only post a comment, you can't reply to a comment. And the posts read from bottom to top, i.e. the oldest are at the end of the thread and the new replies will be up top. The opposite of the discussion threads. 

  • As for the duplicated comment, you have 15 minutes to edit or delete a comment on someone else's discussion. After that, only Adina can delete anything.

    There's a delay with the comments posting. You'll see a little spinning gizmo that never seems to end, lol. So you may be hitting "Add Reply" more than once, which is how you're getting the duplicated comments. If you're using a computer, you can just reload the page and your comment will usually be there. I don;t know how you do that with mobile devices, but there must be something comparable. Just be sure to copy your response in case you lose it during the reload. 

    • I made a mistake. You can delete a comment you've made at any time by hitting the little "x"; you just can't edit a comment after 15 minutes.

    • Ha! It works okay on my phone!  It must be something with my laptop.......hmmmmm

  • I've edited/deleted before without any problems. I just now hit the Reply under your comment and it pops up to this box instead of under your comment.
    • Hmmm. I've had that problem in the past when I didn't wait for the page to fully load.

  • I just tried to hit the "x" and also the "edit" on my last comment and it pop me up to the comment box.
    • I'm in internet explorer and it works okay.  I always use Firefox as my browser so somewhere that is the problem!

  • This site sometimes has 'ghosts' or alien invasions.  It doesn't 'work' and then suddenly (after days or even weeks) you are back to usual..... I don't know what causes this.  Karen's suggestions are good ones.

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