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I belong to a local Doodle FB Group where members are always asking for recommendations for reputable and responsible breeders.  It seems like everyone wants some kind of Doodle and they want it ASAP.  It drives me absolutely insane when I see some of the "amazing breeder" recommendations.  I try very hard to educate those who ask on what to look for in a breeder, some appreciate it and some just totally ignore and go for the so called "breeders" or brokers who have puppies readily available.  

I stress the importance of selecting a breeder who health tests all of their breeding stock and I've come across questions regarding Embark and Paw Print.  I know enough that reputable breeder's dogs should receive clear OFA and PennHip as well as CERF, PRA, VWD, Cardiac DM and EiC.  Does testing through Embark and Paw Print provide that?  Any information would be appreciated.  

Thank you in advance.

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  • Cut and paste this each time.  This is a great guide to finding a reputable breeder and it pretty much covers everything.  Embark and Pawprint do NOT provide complete testing.

    Finding a Breeder
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    • I am always sharing information from Doodle Kisses as it is the most informative group!  It's agonizing though when factual and valuable information falls on deaf ears.  The Doodle craze is out of control now, everyone wants a Doodle and so called "Breeders" are fulfilling the demand by mixing anything and everything to create the Doodle or Poo mix.  The fact that so many people have been at home due to Covid does not help at all. 


      • No, Covid has caused a huge increase in the numbers of people looking to buy a puppy or adopt a dog. Adoptions are at an all time high.
        Eventually, when life gets back to normal (if it ever does), there are going to be massive numbers of young doodles (and every other kind of dog) looking for homes. 

        • We definitely factored in working from home right now into our decision to get a puppy sooner rather than later.  DH and I are both working from home until Fall 2021 at the very earliest and even then we'll both be permanently working from home a few days a week.  My job has always been like that but with his they realized that most of his job can be done remotely so there's no point having them in the office 5 days a week. He works for the government so they're keen on saving money and office space lol.

          It does make me sad though that a lot of people will get a dog not realizing what it's like to have a dog when you're NOT working from home... which will then cause problems when they go back to work.  I just hope it's not as bad as I'm predicting and the extra time spent at home means people will be forced to get to know their dogs better and actually keep them.

          • There's also an impulse factor to it. "hey, we're home anyway, might as well get a dog." Without having thoroughly discussed, researched, prepared, etc. 

            But I will also try to be hopeful. 

            • That's true too.  I've been doing a lot of impulse buying of other things (Amazon Prime is both a blessing and a curse lol) but I've always considered dogs as family members.  For us, having another dog is a serious decision but I know not everyone sees it that way... probably especially for those who haven't had one before and don't know all the work involved.

        • I think in California that dump-the-dog movement has begun. Our shelters are full again but adopting is still done virtually and not an easy process. 

          • Yeah, So Cal is a whole other ballgame. Public shelters filled with small Poodle mixes that would be grabbed in minutes if they were anywhere else in the country. I can't figure it out. I know there is a huge Korean underground puppy sales business in L.A., but it still doesn't account for the numbers we see. 

            • That's so crazy!  I just checked our city's shelters and a few rescue groups and they seem really light on dogs.  The city shelter has only ONE dog listed and the rescue groups are mostly large bully breed/bully mixes.

          • So sad :(  

            I think when our kids are grown we may start getting rescue dogs but who knows.  There's something amazing about watching a puppy grow up.


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