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I enrolled Oskar with Healthy Paws after reading good reviews about them.  I submitted paperwork for charges I knew would be applied to deductible.  After hearing nothing from them for more than a month, I started trying to call...on hold forever, disconnected with no call back, no response to email...on & on.  I finally reached a clerk who was not informative.  I asked for a supervisor who later called me back.

I told the supervisor I wondered if they were even in business with the way things were handled.  He assured me they were solving the problems, etc.  This was 3-4 months ago.

I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and, despite an A+ rating, the problems are continuing if you read the complaints.

I am wondering what your experiences have been re: claims.  I don’t want Oskar covered by a company that offers no coverage.

I’m hoping you will share how things have been for you...



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  • I think that as Healthy Paws has gotten bigger and has passed Pet Plan in the ratings, they have had a little trouble keeping up. It's the same thing that happens when any company grows rapidly; it happened when Pet Plan was ranked #1, and now that the two companies have swapped the #1 & #2 spots, it's happening to #1 again. 

    I looked at both companies and chose Pet Plan for a couple of reasons, one of which was the customer service people I spoke to for information before deciding on Pet Plan. 


    • I've recently read the same thing about Healthy Paws growing too quickly. I still haven't had any claims to report on. (I'm so thankful for that!) I will be interested to hear how this plays out.

    • Thank you, Karen, for your insight.  I hadn't considered growth as a reason for these problems.  I can certainly understand why their current customer service swayed your decision to go with Pet Plan.

      BTW, I wonder if you have posted a picture of Jasper ?  I'd love to see what he looks like.

      • My little monster.


        • Jasper is just adorable!  You must be smiling all the time looking at that beautiful, sweet face :) Thank you for sharing his picture :)

  • I haven't had to submit any claims to healthy paws within the last few months (last claim I submitted was in March) but I have always had a quick turnaround and never any issues. I take a picture of my bill and upload it to the app. Very seamless. 


    Did you recently enroll? Did you submit all of his vet records? 

    • I enrolled in June & submitted all of his vet records.  I hope what I experienced is only temporary.  Thanks for your experience with them.

  • I'm surprised to hear that about Healthy Paws.  I've never heard anyone complain about them.  I have however been very disappointed in Pet Plan lately.  My last claim took well over a month to process.  I didn't submit the Vet records with the claim, but the day they posted they needed them was close to a month after I submitted the claim.  I called the Vet that same day and they faxed them in.  I've had them overpay me on more occasions than I can count.  Lucy's policy is also getting to be more than I consider reasonable so I'm not sure how much longer I can carry it.

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